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Our favourite haircuts for 2018!!!

Our favourite haircuts for 2018!!!

The Messy, Unconventional look

WHO is it for? It is the perfect haircut if you are tired of looking strict, and you want to try something new and step out.

WHAT to ask? First, your need your hair to be about 3 inches long on the top of your head. Then, simply ask your barber to chop into your hair, to make it look a little messed up!

HOW to style it? The perfect look would be to add a little leather jacket, to match with your haircut’s spirit.

WHICH celebrity wore it best? Name someone who wore it better than Robert Pattinson … I’m waiting.

messy hair

THE 2018 comeback: long hair

We are witnessing more and more people growing their hair these days! There are two main ways to wear this haircut: messy or not! The trend of letting the hair grow began at the end of 2017 and has been re-discovered during the early 2018!

WHO is it for? It is THE haircut to have if you are seeking a simple and chic look. By applying pomade on the whole length, you will benefit a sleeker and refined look. And if you decide to go natural with opting for the ‘messy hair’ look, you will definitely look as sexy as ever!

WHAT to ask? You should ask your barber to maximize the length and sleekness. Even if your hair is not long enough at the moment, tell him, because he will be able to ‘prepare’ it for your future haircut!

HOW to style it? To add the perfect touch to this haircut, you can just apply some medium-shine cream/pomade from the hairline to the end of your hair.

WHICH celebrity wore it best? Two different generations, two different styles! For the ‘classic’ look we are calling Mr. Brad Pitt! And for a messier haircut, just have a look at the one and only Timothee Chalamet!

long hair
long hair


Fun fact: Short hair is trendy too!

WHO is it for? Are you tired of your hair? Then this is the haircut you need. Especially good fit for oval-shaped faces.

WHAT to ask? In order to have the perfect 'Buzzcut', you should ask your barber to use either a #4, #5 or #6 clipper on the top of your head. You will need a fade on the sides and the back of your head. That’s it! But don’t forget that you will have to return to your barber at least every two weeks (maximum) to keep a clean haircut!

HOW to style it? Everything suits this kind of shape! The only thing you need to know is to take care of it in order to keep it sharp.

WHICH celebrity wore it best? Just have a look at Zayn Malik, and you will be convinced.

short hair

Braid that hair!

WHO is it for? Obviously not everyone since you need to have at least 3 inches of hair! And that is the minimum basis. In other words, the longer the better! Beside this fact, the braids are suitable for all hair types, but they are more likely to give better results on wavy or curly hair.

WHAT to ask? There are many types of braids in this world… Single plait, Cornrows, Box braids, Layered braids (see photo underneath), and many more. So, you will have to make a little research to find the type that will conquer your heart. Once you found it, make sure to ask a professional hairstylist to do it, preferably, specialized in braids and plaits!

HOW to style it? There is not much to say here. Braids are already a big part of your style. But I am sure some sophisticated look would give a nice contrast with the funny side of the hair!

WHICH celebrity wore it best? I don’t think anyone would wear these layered braids as well as Asap Rocky!

braided hair

Delicate parting for your delicate soul …

WHO is it for? This is the perfect haircut for someone looking for a relaxed, quick and easy look, that will suggest you have more important things to do than spending the whole morning in front of the mirror… The haircut is generally good for most hair types.

WHAT to ask? Simply ask for a parting, without any specific parting lines, add to that a gentle sweep on the side. And if you want to have some more length of the sides ask your barber to use the scissors or to do a low fade.

HOW to style it? You should definitely apply some shiny product to get THE 'straight out of the shower' look! Or, go for an aqua based pomade to shine. (NB: If you have curly, you might have to apply a little more product)

WHICH celebrity wore it best? Ryan Gosling of course!

We hope this article was useful to help you find your style this year. Don't hesitate to contact us if you think of a good haircut to add to the list.


Cloe & The GG Team


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