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Summer styles 2019

Summer styles 2019

A change of season means a change of hairstyle. How about a new haircut for the summer?

Whether it’s a completely new hair cut you’re after or just to freshen up, here are the best emerging grooming trends for SS19 that will have you feeling fresh in no time.


Whether you’re going for an outgrown, messy-hair-don’t-care look or just aiming to break up a sharper, more considered bowl cut, an unruly fringe is the way to do it this season.

The point is to keep hairs orderly at the back and as you traced hair downwards towards the forehead, for an overall neat’ feel. Then using your fingers to pull apart strands, pinch or twist sections together for that disorderly finish.


Here’s the option for the guy that wants a minimal effort hairstyle with maximum effect. A classic military cut, buzz cuts are even more trendy with a square cut framing the face.


There’s been an overarching trend for natural styles coming through for a while now: you can explain to the barber to go big and natural while keeping edges and shape nice and clean. You could ask for a skin fade or just a taper, depending on how polished you want the finished product to look.

To style it, you can wash and dry your hair one or two times a week. The hair needs to be nourished with organic oils, such as coconut oil or olive oil spray, to keep the scalp and hair moist.


This style works best on men with thick, wavy hair as the purpose of the style is to work with (not against) the natural consistency of one’s hair. Taking the style from shabby to suave, volume is reduced at the sides to offer a more groomed, sophisticated finish.

To style it, use a pre-styler designed to enhance curls before leaving the hair to air dry. For naturally straight hair, use a hair dryer straight out of the shower and apply sea salt spray for texture.

You can also choose to let your hair grow, as Timothée Chalamet. See below

We hope this helped you find your style for this summer. Don't hesitate to contact us if you think of a good haircut to add to the list.

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Camille & The GG Team