Get Groomed is opening in Birmingham soon 🤩

Get Groomed is opening in Birmingham soon 🤩

Get Groomed has been running in London for more than three years now and has been taking pride in providing a premium service to Londoners. After receiving awards like The Best Emerging Barber Brand in 2018, The MoneyGram Innovation of the year in 2020, being featured as a top story in British GQ and a gazillion number of requests from the our brummie customers we are now looking to expand our services to the City of Birmingham !

Our mantra "Your Style. Your Place. Your Time" is not changing, we are aiming to bring the best classic barbering services at the doorsteps of the customers more than ever, saving them from heavy traffic and long queues going to and from the barbershop. And we are making sure anyone can easily book an appointment with just a few clicks online.

In addition, our top priority is the safety for both barbers and customers. Barbers are carrying Covid19 safety kits such as face protection, gloves, and sanitizers. Scissors, clippers and other tools will be thoroughly disinfected between uses. For more info, click here -

If you are looking to get rid of that lockdown beard, now is the best time to do it ⭐

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