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Get a haircut, wet shave or a beard trim in the comfort of your own home, office or your hotel room

Our Services

Haircut & Restyle

The intricate service starts with a consultation, where you can discuss with our barber the style you are looking for. It is followed by a haircut, blow dry and style with or without using hair gel. (Price: £35)

Haircut / Clippers Only

HAIRCUT will include a quick trim to keep your hair neat & tidy between cuts… CLIPPERS will give you a choice of Single grade all over or Back & Sides. Our trained barbers will use electric clippers either to achieve a single grade all over look or trim the back and sides. (Price: £29)

Classic Wet Shave

A hot towel wet shave which includes the application of shave foam followed by a cut-throat shave completed by our experienced barbers. To finish, an after-shave balm/gel will be used to sooth your skin. (Price: £29)

Beard Restyling

Give your beard the attention it requires. With beard restyling you can be sure that your illustrious beard & mustache will be trimmed, shaped and styled by our expert barbers with great precision. They will make sure that it suits your features and style perfectly. (Price: £28)

Luxury Wet Shave

A classic wet shave completed with luxury facial leaving your skin smooth & moisturized. (Price: £36)

Haircut/ Clippers + Beard Restyle

Combo offer: Haircut / Clippers + Beard Restyle. (Price: £40)

Haircut/ Clippers + Classic shave

Combo offer: Haircut /Clippers + Classic shave. (Price: £45)

Haircut/ Clippers + Luxury Shave

Combo offer: Haircut / Clippers + Luxury Shave. (Price: £55)

Haircut & Restyle + Beard Restyle

Combo offer: Haircut & Restyle + Beard Restyle. (Price: £45)

Haircut & Restyle + Classic shave

Combo offer: Haircut & Restyle + Classic shave. (Price: £48)

Haircut & Restyle + Luxury Shave

Combo Offer: Haircut & Restyle + Luxury Shave. (Price: £57)