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Transform Your Workplace with Our Corporate Hair Grooming Packages 

Did you know more than 80% of employees would value new or extra perks over a pay rise? It's a subtle reminder of how much creating an enriching work environment matters, both for the staff morale and the overall productivity of your organization. Your team represents more than just a group of individuals sharing a common work area - they are the valuable heart of your corporate family. They need to feel seen, appreciated and cared for exceeding their expectations in doing their best work.

We understand these intrinsic needs and hence, introduce you to an innovative way to enrich your office culture - Corporate Grooming Events. Through tailored hair grooming services right at your workplace, we aim to instigate excitement, build a sense of community and cultivate a flourishing work environment where everyone enjoys being part of the journey. Imagine, each member of your team enjoying the luxury of a personal barbering experience at work! From exquisite haircuts to refreshing wet shaves or impeccable beard trims - we transform your typical workday into an opportunity for relaxation and self-expression. Depending on the requested service, one of our professional barbers can cater to 2-3 team members per hour.

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Our service is designed to ensure a hassle-free event—from the initial pre-consultation where every detail is ironed out, to our support team handling the registrations and providing uninterrupted assistance throughout the event.

To get started, we'll need some essential details:

  1. Date & time (so we can align our calendars)
  2. Services needed (let's make sure to provide the perfect grooming fit)
  3. Address (so we can bring our expertise right to your doorstep)
  4. Number of barbers needed (to cater to all your grooming needs with ease)

So, are you ready to put a spotlight on your team's well-being and boost their confidence with this unique experience? Explore our Services page to unravel the potential benefits of this meaningful investment, and let's embark on a refreshing journey of growth and transformation for your workplace together!

Do you have any questions? Our FAQ page might contain the answers you are looking for.

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