Our services: Haircut vs haircut & restyle

Our services: Haircut vs haircut & restyle

Getting a new haircut can be exciting as it reflects your personality. It makes you neat and groomed but we noticed that we had some questions about the difference between a Get Groomed Haircut and a Get Groomed Haircut & Restyle. We are here to provide some details before booking a barber.

Our Haircut service is simply trimming your hair to keep it neat and tidy. The barber will keep the original style and just trim the lengths. While our Haircut & Restyle service can take a little longer compared to the regular Haircut as it needs to shape a new hairstyle. Moreover, when your hair is too long for a simple trim, it is considered a restyle.

So now, do you know which service you need?

If you live near London, Kent, Giulford, Manchester, or the West Midlands, there is no worry to go out and hustle to the nearest barbershop. Get Groomed offers haircut and beard styling services at the comfort of your home. Why step out of your doorstep with your unruly hair when you can just simply book a professional barber to cut your hair at home?

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