Interview with Daniel, one of our senior mobile barber!

Interview with Daniel, one of our senior mobile barber!

Hi Danny, thank you for taking the time to meet us today, let's start with a classic question: how long have you been a barber for? Do you have any diplomas?

I have been a barber for two years, before that I was a hairdresser for 12 years. I decided to switch from hairdresser to barber for many reasons, but one in particular. I felt like barbering was a more honest job for me since I understand what men go through in grooming on a day to day process. I felt like I could understand what they wanted, on a personal level, and that I could give a more honest
Indeed, I have a cosmetology certificate, and also other small courses I have taken either in academies or places I have worked in.

What brought you into barbering?
I started as an apprentice when I was 19, by the time I got into barbering he was tired of saloon politics and that kind of things.

When did you hear about Get Groomed?
I first heard of Get Groomed about a year ago, I was actually working in mobile barbering so I got in touch with the company like that.

When did you sign with Get Groomed?
I signed the contract last August, so about 6 months ago!

What was the thing that attracted you regarding Get Groomed?
I liked the idea of Get Groomed, how client can get in touch with a barber and that they get what they want. I think it’s nice for the client to be at home, it buys back a little bit of their time instead of running around. Then can relax, since they are in their environment.

What would you recommend to barbers who might be interested to join?
I would tell them that it takes time, you have to give everything time, you can’t have a billion customers at the beginning. You need remember that, in order to be successful, you have to be able to move around, from my own experience, it is much easier to travel around the city instead of just staying in one area. The best clients I’ve had where often the furthest from my home.

What would you improve in the current platform?
I wouldn’t change anything. At the moment, it ticks all the boxes. Get Groomed has done what other haven’t, so I wouldn’t change anything so far.

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