Modern beard styles for the sophisticated gentleman

Modern beard styles for the sophisticated gentleman

Hello, gentlemen! As we journey through the ever-changing world of modern manliness, one topic stands in the spotlight – the intriguing subject of beard styles. Just like the clothing trends, men's grooming constantly updates and adapts. Today, we'll journey through the world of facial hair, introducing you to some of the most fashionable modern beard styles that are as sharp as they are trendy.

1. The Stubble
Although the stubble is considered the simplest of all beard styles, it is also the most versatile. This style prompts a rugged yet aesthetic vibe. The stubble comes in three types: the 5 o'clock shadow (short stubble), the medium stubble and the long stubble, each providing a different depth of texture and dimension.

2. The Full Beard
Get ready to embrace your inner Zeus with the 'Full Beard.' This style represents ruggedness and manliness at its peak. However, it requires meticulous grooming and patience to maintain its look. A well-maintained full beard can be an excellent asset to your style, making you stand out and exude an aura of dominance.

3. The Van Dyke
Inspired by the 17th-century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke, this beard style adds a classic touch to your style. It's a combination of a goatee and a mustache, without any sideburns. What's more? It can be modified to fit any face shape. Think Johnny Depp–a modern-day embodiment of the Van Dyke style!

4. The Balbo
For those who love experimenting, the Balbo comes as an adventurous choice. Robert Downey Jr has immortalized this style, which features a moustache and a separate chin beard, often with a soul patch - a small bit of hair just below the lip.

5. The Bandholz
This style owes its name to Eric Bandholz, the founder of 'Beardbrand.' The Bandholz symbolizes freedom and a break from traditional norms. It requires a full-grown beard, which might take a couple of months to achieve, but the plurality it adds to your style is honestly worth the wait.

In the quest to find your perfect beard style, it's important to remember that not every style matches every face shape. Your personal taste, along with your face's structure, should guide your beard choice. Proper care is also the foundation of a remarkable beard. Regular use of high-quality beard oil and balm aids in maintaining the health and shine of the beard.

There you have it, gentlemen – take inspiration from these sleek and modern beard styles to spice up your look. Whether you're just beginning your journey into the beard world or you're a seasoned beard wearer, these styles will undoubtedly enhance your style. Drop any doubts and let the world appreciate your boldness and elite style.

Give these trendy beard styles a try. Remember, you can book an appointment with Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers to keep your beard looking fresh. Keep visiting our blogs for more style advice and grooming tips. Until our next trend update, stay dashing and maintain your strong beard game!

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