5 Trendy haircuts for curly hair men

5 Trendy haircuts for curly hair men

Surely you know of Harry Styles, Alfred Enoch from Harry Potter, Idris Alba from Thor, Kitt Harrington from Game of Thrones, Finn Jones, Michael Sheen, and many more male celebrities with stunning, beautiful curly hair. And if you have curly hair too, you might have used their photos as a peg for your haircut and showed it to your barber. You’re not alone, don’t fret. In this guide, you will find haircuts that fit perfectly to men with curly hair. So next time you forget to bring a peg, you can simply just say the haircut name.

Short Curly Fade Haircut

Curls can be a lot of work sometimes but with this haircut, you can just simply let it flow with a touch of fade on the side. If you want to make the most out of this haircut, keep the top bouncy and full. This will give emphasis to your waves.

Curly Undercut

For naturally curly hair men, this haircut will give justice to your beautiful curls. Give your hair an undercut on the sides and at the back while letting your top loose. Low maintenance hairstyle that gives you that elegant, chic and yet very masculine vibe. For extra detail, you can ask your barber or stylist to add a design on your undercut. An undercut design is one of the coolest haircuts that will surely make your hairstyle unique and very you; very edgy and is the trendiest haircut these days too!

Taper Curly Hair

This haircut for men goes best with long curls. If you wanna emphasize your curls and texture, this haircut is for you. The fade of short hair from the side and back to long hair at the top gives off that smooth and modest look but if you want to add a tad of spice in it, you may ask your barber to add that edgy line on the sides or even all the way to the back.

Extra-Short Curls

Men with precise hair texture can sometimes be rich and defined with just as simple as being as is. But nothing with a good barber in town can’t make it even bett-HAIR! Best way to do this hairstyle is to connect the fade to your beard.

Bang and a Full Beard

Low maintenance haircut, you say? This is the one. Plus, if you are also into full beard style, you’re right on. The focus of this haircut is not on the curls mostly, just a bit of curls at the top that goes straight down to your full beard. This is the best haircut if you want to emphasize your beard and goatee instead of your curly hair.

A lot of great haircuts for curly men there are, all you have to do is call out your favorite barber and get the hair cutting started. If you live near London, Kent, Giulford, Manchester, or the West Midlands, there is no worry to go out and hustle to the nearest barbershop. Get Groomed offers haircut and beard styling services at the comfort of your home. Why step out of your doorstep with your unruly hair when you can just simply book a professional barber to cut your hair at home?


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