Our health and safety measures


Coronavirus update: we are suspending bookings

Last updated: 23/03/2020


We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in this critical situation.

We really appreciate your business and we want to thank you for your booking with Get Groomed.
Unfortunately, we have made the decision to suspend all bookings on Get Groomed from the 24th of March onward. We’ve been following government guidance closely, and believe it’s the responsible thing to do at this stage to protect your health and the health of our barber community and to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

We are looking forward to serving you again once the outbreak is contained and the crisis is behind us. For now, we are encouraging our community to follow government guidance and stay inside as much as possible.

We hope that you will understand. Thank you again for your trust in our business and we hope that you'll book again when everything is back to normal.

Best Regards,
Sabrina & Giuliano
Founders @ Get Groomed

Coronavirus update

The wellbeing and prosperity of our clients and everybody who works for us is absolutely critical. In order to battle the impacts of coronavirus (Covid-19), we are intently following all rules and suggestions from the administration and we have advised our barbers to do the same.

We have informed all of our barbers to let us know whether they are encountering any flu-like side effects, and on the off chance that they have come back from any zone of high hazard inside the most recent 14 days. 

Also, there are stringent cleanliness rules set up that we request that every one of our barbers are to carry hand sanitizers with them at all times and wash well before they start. 

We are sure that you're already aware of these but, in order to protect our staff, we request you to:

    • Contact a doctor right away if you are encountering any flu-like side effects and have an up and coming booking.
    • Wash your hands very thoroughly and use a hand sanitizer if you just came back from a trip or before eating.
    • If you're self-isolating, hold off on any services if you have flu-like symptoms especially with fever. 

We will keep on being extremely careful with cleanliness and safety so we can continue offering you our barbering services at home.

Best Regards,
Sabrina & Giuliano
Founders @ Get Groomed