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Embrace Self-Care On Your Healing Journey: Inpatient Services Now Available

We know that being in a hospital is far from easy. It's a time of physical and emotional strain, an unfamiliar environment filled with stress and uncertainty. But, amidst all these, we believe you deserve an uplifting pause, a moment where grooming isn't just about appearances. It's about self-care and comfort during an otherwise challenging time.

At Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers, we're here to bring you that comforting moment through our specially curated inpatient services. Our dedicated team is skilled in providing barber-on-demand services within the medical setting, serving long-term care inpatients with compassion and proficiency.

From haircuts to wet shaves or beard trims, we offer an array of premium barbering services, all of which can be explored on our Services page. Our customer support team is available through email, calls, Whatsapp, Messenger and SMS at the following number: +44 7520 631289

To arrange your appointment, the following details would be helpful:
• Date and time of your requested service
• The specific grooming service you require
• Your hospital or clinic, including department name and room number
• Whether you're comfortable sitting in a chair or would prefer to stay in bed.

Reach out today, book your session and let's redefine this aspect of your healing journey together. Because every bit of comfort and care counts on the road to recovery.
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