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Reiss Reiss
5/5 (8 reviews)

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Reiss has been a professional barber/hairstylist for more than 7 years. He has NVQ2 certification from The London School of Barbering.
When Reiss is not at the shop or doing home bookings, he is working in some of the most popular buildings in Central London providing haircuts to professionals straight at their office. Monkey Zeno commended him: “It was so easy, our barber Reiss set up shop for the day in one of our meeting rooms. All we had to do was book a slot and pop in when our session was called. He was so friendly and put everyone at their ease. In-office barbering was definitely a big hit and something we’d do again”.
Reiss can do the following types of hair:
* European / Caucasian
* Asian
* Afro