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"Great barber and Get Groomed is awesome. Recommended!"
- Julian
"Jose made a real and very genuine effort to give my son as best a haircut experience as possible, given my son really didn’t want to cut his long, bushy hair (but had to). The haircut itself is brilliant, yet speedy. Jose has a positive, friendly and bubbly character, which was a true pleasure to be around. I would definitely recommend him."
- Aymen
"Very happy with my cut"
- Alexandru
"Good, professional, friendly service."
- David

About Clapham

Clapham, an urban delight, is your next stop on this fantastic exploration journey across the UK. It's a delicious cocktail of city buzz, eclectic nightlife and lush greenery that's had the fortune of bathing in the glorious London sunshine. So, if London were a buffet, Clapham would definitely be the chef’s special!

Here's a quick checklist to unravel the authentic Clapham experience:

Fancy an open-air movie night? Check out Luna Cinema in Clapham Common – where Hollywood stars meet under real ones! Don't forget to grab some popcorn.
Dabble into the world of unique arts at the Omnibus Theatre. Every performance is a carefully crafted slice of culture that you wouldn't want to miss.
Are fluttering wings and vibrant colours your calling? The Battersea Butterfly House will have you feeling as light and free as the butterflies themselves.
Have a hearty breakfast or a sublime brunch at the ‘Café of Good Hope’. Here, hearty meals and hope go hand in hand, and you definitely wouldn't want to miss that!
Ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes? Get your thinking cap on and get cracking at the ClueQuest Escape Room. It's a race against the clock, but the thrill is worth every tick-tock.

But listen, it's not enough to feel refreshed in Clapham, you've got to look like a million bucks too. Fear not, Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers are at your service! Just book an appointment and they'll swing right by, providing a swish cut to match your swish adventure. Whether it's a trim or a complete transformation, they've got the magic touch! Let's just say, the only thing better than a Clapham outing is a Clapham outing with a fabulous fresh 'do. You can book a barber here (sign up required).