The right hair colour for your skin tone

The right hair colour for your skin tone

Hair colour for men is just as crucial as it is for women. You can easily get by with a wrong haircut, but with the wrong hair colour? That’s just, bizarre! To avoid this horrendous hair moment, there are things that you have to consider, and on top of that is your skin tone.

Skin tone is more than just Fair, Medium and Dark. We have these things called undertones. Oh yes, surprise...surprise! There is a thing such as that.

First thing first, what is an undertone? Well, it refers to the permanent colour underneath your skin surface. Knowing about your undertone will help you find the right colours and shades to compliment you best. Traditionally, there are three kinds of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Warm undertones range from peach to golden; cool undertones have bluish to pink ones; while neutral are neither, like it’s almost the same colour as your actual skin tone.

How to determine your Undertone?

There are several ways to find out what your skin undertone is, but the most common will be through your veins. Don’t worry, you don’t need to cut it! You just have to look at its colour. People with warm undertones have green-coloured veins; whilst blue-coloured veins for people with cool undertones; and purple for those who have neutral undertones.

Remember, your skin undertone is different and doesn’t rely on your skin colour. You can be
fair-skinned but have warm undertones; and olive-skinned with cool undertones. And, unlike the latter, the former doesn’t change – it's constant.

So now we have a better understanding of our skin colour and undertones, now let’s proceed to the purpose of this discussion – hair colour.

The hair colour for your skin tone...

There are many cool hair colours to choose from, but the question is “will it look good on you”? Well, worry no more, because we listed down some hair colours that will best suit you!

For Fair Skin Tone

Cool undertone – Set for colours with cool hues. A cool or platinum blonde and ash grey would also be a good call. You may also go for jet black – just imagine a male version of Snow White you will be.

Warm undertone – Light blonde, copper red and caramel hair colour would be it for you.

Neutral undertone – Although people with this tone are lucky enough to be fitting to almost all kinds of hair colours, still you can find a few that will best suit you. Of course, blonde is an obvious choice for this skin tone, you can go as far as platinum blonde or go mellow with a very deep brown.

For Medium Skin Tone

Cool undertone – You can play with your browns, medium – light brown perhaps; for people with natural blonde hair, can go with ash blonde and ash grey, beige and sand colours. For reds, you may consider going for a cinnamon tone.

Warm undertone – Light golden blonde and golden-red is a go; and you may play along with something between brown and blonde or a combination of both will also be a nice touch.

Neutral undertone – Avoid colours that seem closely similar to your complexion. A lighter or darker shade will best complement your skin tone. Black is an obvious cool choice. You may also opt for a warm golden tone, or for a braver choice, go for some highlights.

For Dark/Deep Skin Tone
Cool undertone – Stick with the cool hues. Black is a safe colour, but if you dare to be brave platinum blonde is a go.

Warm undertone
– Blondes, caramels, mahogany, and chestnut brown are recommended for you. Opt for
rich, deep and warm tones, such colours will best complement your skin tone.

Neutral undertone – For this complexion, burgundy, chestnut brown and light blonde will be nice.

These colours will bring strong contrast yet enhance your complexion.

There you go! We hope these insights will help you decide on what colour to get for your next grooming appointment. If you are still confused about it, no worries, you may ask the expert barbers in Get Groomed for the best hair colour for you. You also need not to travel anymore! You can have your next haircut, hair colour, and/or beard restyling session at your own place, and at your own convenient time. Click here for bookings and inquiries.

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