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- Jan

About Eastcote Village

Fancy a trip to Eastcote Village, a gem tucked away in the west of London? This neighborhood is a burst of suburban charm, a tempting blend of historic allure and modern buzz. It's just the place to escape the fast-paced city life for a bit. 

Kick-start your adventure in Eastcote House Gardens, a haven of tranquility perfect for afternoon picnics or leisurely strolls. And while you’re there, don’t forget to soak in a bit of history at Eastcote House – a grade II listed building that speaks of tales untold. Feeling peckish? Treat yourself to a hearty meal in one of the many cozy cafes and stylish restaurants dotting the area. 

Get a taste of local life at the annual Eastcote Village Fair, where tradition meets fun in the most delightful way. If you're in the mood for some shopping, be sure to swing by the vibrant local shops, where you can find trinkets, and maybe even treasures, galore. 

After a day in Eastcote Village, you'll want to freshen up, won't you? Here's a neat trick – book Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers, and you can get a top-notch haircut right where you are. Because nothing should get in the way of you looking your best in Eastcote Village! 

Here's your Eastcote Village to-do list: 

  • Lose yourself in the tranquility of Eastcote House Gardens. 
  • Visit the historic Eastcote House. 
  • Indulge your tastebuds at the local cafes and restaurants. 
  • Join in the fun at the annual Eastcote Village Fair. 
  • Treasure hunt at the vibrant local shops.