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"Highly skilled barber from Get Groomed did my haircut. Highly recommended. Will book again!"
- Jerico
"Flawless beard trim I've ever had. Thank you Get Groomed."
- Noah
"The barber was on time, very professional, and the cut was superb! Will recommend Get Groomed to everyone."
- Xian
"Excellent beard trim and high-quality service. Thank you."
- Paulo

About Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter: The Heartbeat of Manchester's Creative Scene

The Northern Quarter stands as Manchester's vibrant and eclectic beacon, embodying the city's dynamic energy and creative spirit. Known for its distinctive blend of art, music, fashion and gastronomy, this neighborhood has established itself as a cultural hub, inviting locals and visitors alike to immerse in its unique vibe. The streets are lined with independent boutiques, record shops and cafes, each telling its own story. At every turn, you'll find street art that transforms the cityscape into a public gallery, echoing Manchester's industrial past and its present as a thriving center for creativity and innovation. 

Explore the boundless charm of the Northern Quarter: 

  • Afflecks Palace is a treasure trove of indie shops selling everything from vintage clothes to quirky gifts. 
  • The Manchester Craft and Design Centre showcases the city's best handmade goods and art. 
  • Vinyl collectors will relish the extensive collections found in the area's record shops. 
  • Dive into the Northern Quarter's food scene, offering everything from street food to fine dining. 
  • Nightlife thrives here, with bars and clubs hosting live music and DJs. 
  • Explore the area's iconic street art, including pieces by international and local artists. 
  • Specialty coffee shops provide the perfect spots for people-watching and relaxation. 
  • The vibrant Stevenson Square often hosts outdoor markets and events. 
  • Catch an indie film or a classic movie at one of the neighborhood’s boutique cinemas. 
  • Visit the Manchester Contemporary, an art fair focusing on new and emerging artists. 

On your cultural exploration of the Northern Quarter, Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers ensures you look your best without interrupting your adventure. Our professional barbers offer convenience and quality, coming directly to your location in the Northern Quarter. With just a simple booking, you'll receive top-notch hair grooming services tailored to your style, making sure you fit right in with the neighborhood's trendy vibe. Whether you're exploring street art, catching some live music or diving into the local food scene, Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers enhances your Northern Quarter experience with flawless hair grooming that meets you where you are. You can book a barber here (sign up required).