Top 5 facial hairstyles and how to maintain them

Top 5 facial hairstyles and how to maintain them

Maintaining your facial hair is a must. Whether or not you want it, for most men it’s a daily chore that you’ll have to deal with for the rest of their lives. It’s not only for vanity’s sake, though that should be a good enough reason for you to take your facial hair seriously. Hygiene, however, is why facial hair care should be uncompromisable. In this article, we’ve listed down different kinds of popular facial hairstyles and accompanied them with tips on how to maintain them.

One could argue that a clean-shaved face doesn’t count as a facial hairstyle. However, shaving one's face is a conscious choice and you’re making changes to your natural grown facial hair. The style is pretty simple, it’s just a clean face devoid of any facial hair.
There are many methods to achieve this style. Recently though, men have started opting for facial hair waxing. It can be painful, but convenient in the long run. Since you’re removing the hair out by the roots it will take longer to grow back. A clean-shaved face means you'll be caring for your skin more. Wash your face before you start and apply pre-shave oil to soften the hair. Afterwards, you should moisturise your face to avoid irritation.

This style’s for those who are having a dilemma because they don’t want a completely barren face but anything more might be too much. It’s not an easy task maintaining a stubble. This beard style is more suitable for those with experience as well because it requires patience and precision. Getting a stubble beard is a little bit of a challenge. Choosing the appropriate tools will surely help you, there are even electric stubble trimmers so you won’t have to worry about consistency during the shaving process. Otherwise, you’ll need to be extra careful so that you don’t trim your beard into different lengths. In addition to that, maintenance requires trimming nearly daily to make sure you have a stubble beard and not an incoming moustache.

Named for the male goat’s facial hair. This style’s basic form requires you to grow the hair on your chin, and keep the rest of your face clean. There are many other variations that do require you to grow a moustache, so daily trimming might get more complex. A goatee’s thickness will depend, mainly, on your genetics. So if you have thin hair, there’s not much that can be done. For those blessed with good genetics you have the freedom to keep your goatee as thick or as thin as you want. The only downside to having a thicker beard is that you need to wash it separately from your face. With thin beards it’s possible to just wash everything in one go, but to maintain a healthy goatee it’s ideal to buy beard shampoo. And yes, beard shampoos do exist.

Circle Beard
Some people get confused when comparing goatees and circle beards. The biggest difference is that, just like a circle, this beard’s shape must be connected. Goatees don’t require this continuity, you won’t even need to grow the hair at the top of your lips. But for the Circle Beard, you do. This is one of the facial hairstyles where attention to detail really matters. Circle beards usually have defined edges, so you’ll have to trim and shave daily. When you look in the mirror, the shape of the hair should be that of a circle surrounding your lips. It’s not the most difficult to maintain, but it does require your daily attention. Because this style is a bit fuller, you’ll no doubt get food or drinks on it accidentally. Wipe your beard after every meal, and wash with beard shampoo later. Keep your beard hygienic for an overall refreshed look!

Full Beard
Perhaps the most difficult to grow on this list, the Full Beard means growing your hair to cover the lower half of your face completely. Unlike other styles, a moustache is required for this beard. The growth time differs for each person. However, the average is more or less four months, two if your hair grows fast.

Taking care of a beard is quite simple! Like the hair on your head, you need to wash it regularly. Using conditioner is advised but not essential. Trimming will depend on the look you envisioned for yourself. Many men who are regularly in formal settings take the time to trim their beards once things start getting too out of hand. Whatever style you choose, you should comb your beard regularly. If not you could end up with tangled hair and breakage. Although it seems like all the work to care for your beard is insignificant to your other habits, you can’t just be careless about your facial hair. Think of it as if you’d do it for the hair on your head, why can’t you do the same for your beard?

Even if you’re very much capable of taking care of your beard at home, getting pampered seems like a splendid idea. Feeling knackered from a long month of working? Get Groomed offers many services for beard styling and care. Get in Touch With Us or Book an Appointment because our talented barbers will know just what you’ll need!

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