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About Strangeways

Discover Strangeways: Manchester’s Hidden Treasure

Strangeways, a name often wrapped in mystery and associated with its infamous prison, actually boasts a treasure trove of unexpected delights for the keen explorer. Nestled within this Manchester locality is an intriguing mix of industrial heritage and modern-day enterprise, making it an interesting detour off the beaten path for curious travelers. From wholesale markets brimming with bargains to craft breweries that tease the palate, Strangeways reveals its layers to those willing to look beyond the surface. Its somewhat unconventional charm provides a stark contrast to the polished tourist spots, offering a raw and real slice of Manchester life. 

Unearth the Strangeways experience with these insightful activities: 

  • Delve into the history of the Strangeways prison with a guided tour that reveals stories of the past. 
  • Hunt for hidden bargains and rare finds at the Strangeways Wholesale Market. 
  • Sample some of Manchester's finest ales at a local craft brewery. 
  • Stroll through historic streets where Manchester's industrial roots are still visible. 
  • Visit the nearby Manchester Jewish Museum to learn about the city's Jewish heritage. 
  • Take a walk along the River Irwell, which borders the Strangeways area. 
  • Explore the array of businesses in the Strangeways Business Park for local goods. 
  • Marvel at the architecture of some of the older buildings that have withstood the test of time. 
  • Participate in one of the community events or workshops that often take place. 
  • Savor the diversity of street food that serves as a testament to the area’s multicultural fabric. 

As you weave through the narrative of Strangeways, let Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers refine your journey with impeccable hair grooming services that travel to you. There's no need to detour from your path or interrupt your discoveries – simply book an appointment, and our professional barbers will ensure you look your finest, wherever you are in Strangeways. Embrace the ease and convenience of our mobile barber services, tailored to fit seamlessly into your travel narrative while maintaining the utmost in professional and friendly care. Discover Strangeways in style, with a freshly groomed appearance that complements the authentic edge of your surroundings.You can book a barber here (sign up required).