Will a messy beard work for you?

Will a messy beard work for you?

Most gentlemen prefer a clean-cut look, one that emulates the style of a businessman or a well-respected politician. Although there's nothing wrong with trying to mimic popular styles, it's also an excellent idea to widen one’s horizons and think outside the box. Messy Beards are not extremely popular nor are they unknown. It just so happens that, as mentioned earlier, well-groomed facial hair is more commonly favoured. But who knows? A messy beard may be the style for you. You’re reading this article aren’t you? That must mean you’re still on a search to look for something that feels more like you. Continue reading to find out if incorporating a messy beard into your style is the right way to complete your look!

What is a Messy Beard?
A messy beard is not necessarily one style. Any beard long enough to build volume can be styled into a messy beard. You can have a beard trimmed into a goatee, or let one grow naturally and they both can be made into a messy beard. It’s the method of care and styling that helps achieve the desired look.

Is Your Lifestyle Right for a Messy Beard?
To be frank, there are some jobs or activities that you need to avoid if you want to wear the messy beard look. Being a chef is one example. Although restaurants allow chefs to have beards, many have regulations regarding length and grooming. Thus you won’t be able to wear this particular style at work. Police have rules regarding facial hair as well. While most police forces allow their officers to wear a moustache, beards are heavily discouraged. In their line of duty, having a beard can bring them danger in the event that a criminal wishes to fight back by pulling on an officer’s beard. On the other hand, firefighters are almost never allowed to grow beards. There are obvious safety hazards that promote this rule in this specific line of duty. Aside from being a possible fire hazard, beards may obstruct proper breathing and may be a cause for suffocation when entering a smoke-filled environment.

While some of these rules may seem excessive, there’s a truth to them that keeps these workers and their patrons safe. In these kinds of occupations, people’s safety is the top priority. Vanity is something that should be pushed aside when it puts people’s lives at risk.

Will it Fit Your Overall Style?
We started this article by mentioning that facial hairstyles help determine a person's overall look. You must ask yourself if you can fit the messy beard into your current aesthetic or if you want to create a big change. A messy beard will definitely fit in a courtroom or a formal office. And even if it doesn’t affect your work you’ll need to consider how you present yourself on a daily basis. If you want to emulate the posh likes of Prince William or Sir Michael Caine, then you must settle for a cleanly styled beard. Think wisely about whether any change you make will be worth it.

A messy beard has its pros and cons, many of which will affect the way you let others perceive you. It’s important to note that just because the style is called a messy beard, that doesn’t mean you should abandon all hygiene. You can still wear the messy aesthetic while keeping yourself clean. If you’re still having doubts, you can Book an Appointment with our barbers at Get Groomed. They’re certainly qualified not only to style your facial hair but also to give you advice about what looks good on you!

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