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"Awesome service by Get Groomed. The barber was highly skilled."
- Alfie
"Awesome fade and very professional!"
- Henry
"My hair is curly and the barber did an awesome haircut! Highly recommended!"
- Lucas
"My dad was very happy about the service. Excellent beard trim and cut. Thank you."
- Elisse

About Victoria Park

Explore Victoria Park: Manchester's Green Retreat

Victoria Park in Manchester unfolds as an oasis nestled amidst the urban rush, a verdant expanse offering a breath of fresh air to its visitors. It is a park suffused with history, once the stomping ground of Victorian elite and now a communal space for families, joggers and anyone seeking solace in nature. Serene pathways, well-tended gardens and age-old trees paint a picturesque setting, while playgrounds and sports facilities add vigor to this peaceful locale. It's an invitation to those looking to unwind, play or simply bask in the natural beauty that Victoria Park offers, making it a cherished escape within the city. 

Discover a range of activities that Victoria Park has to offer: 

  • Unwind amidst the lush greenery and seasonal blooms that adorn the park’s landscapes. 
  • Follow the scenic trails that offer peaceful routes for both leisure walkers and avid joggers. 
  • Find entertainment and exercise using the tennis courts, bowling greens and other sports amenities. 
  • Let children enjoy the dedicated play areas where they can climb, swing and explore safely. 
  • Experience the community vibe at one of the many festivals and events hosted in the park. 
  • Picnic under the shade of grand trees, some of which have watched over the park for centuries. 
  • Capture the beautiful scenery and wildlife with your camera or sketchpad. 
  • Engage with the local community groups that keep the park vibrant and inclusive. 
  • Observe historical monuments and architecture, reminders of the park's storied past. 
  • Visit during different seasons to see the park transform with autumnal hues or springtime flora. 

If your exploration of Victoria Park calls for a sharp and tidy appearance, or if the park's tranquility inspires you to refresh your look, Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers is at your service. No need to leave this green haven in search of a barber; we bring professional hair grooming right to you. Easy to book and convenient, our mobile barbers are prepared to ensure you look your best with minimal interruption to your relaxation or recreation. Whether you're planning a picnic or a posh event in the heart of Victoria Park, trust Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers to polish your look with professionalism and a friendly touch. You can book a barber here (sign up required).