Unveiling your silver charm: Top 5 beard styles for white hair

Unveiling your silver charm: Top 5 beard styles for white hair

A great deal of men despair when one of the most noticeable signs of ageing, white or greying hair, becomes apparent on their faces. Most humans have trouble accepting the truth that all of us will age in our own time. But once you’ve come to terms with it, you’ll find that you’re capable of still remaining dashing as you grow older. Honestly, there’s no reason to despair. A lot of women, and society even, believe that there is a certain charm that only older gentlemen have. Just take a look at Pierce Brosnan, he embraces his white hair and looks as gorgeous as ever. And with the holidays nearing, big white beards will undoubtedly be associated with Father Christmas. We’ll be keeping our recommendations on the shorter side so you’ll avoid being mistaken for Santa Claus. Keep on reading to discover styles that might just start your silver fox journey!

Short Full Beard with a Walrus Moustache
This unique style is for those who wish to stand out. A short, full beard is easy enough to achieve, but waiting for it to grow will be the most tedious. The moustache on the other hand requires quite a bit of styling. It’s meant to look similar to the walrus’ whiskers. Having a distinctive style would mean gaining quite the attention. If your hair is turning white and you choose this style, you’ll be telling people that you’re embracing a more mature look by going for a style that shows off your natural white hair!

Stubble Beard
For those who want a style that’s low maintenance and brings out a youthful aura, the stubble is the perfect choice for you. The less facial hair a man has, the younger he will look. We associate a face lacking facial hair with younger, prepubescent men. But that’s not entirely the goal with this look. Think of this style as a transitional stage. Your hair doesn’t just turn white overnight. The greying stage in between can sometimes look messy, and keeping your beard short will help keep your look clean. Maintaining the Stubble Beard requires constant care. Because if not shaved daily, the stubble may start looking unkempt.

Short Beard with a Handlebar Moustache
We all have different styles and aesthetics based on how we want people to perceive us. The Short Beard with a Handlebar Moustache will compliment those who like to immerse themselves in a more artistic lifestyle. We say this because the style is popular among musicians and artists because of its unique look. Just imagine yourself at an open mic bar with dim lights, many women will surely find you attractive in an older-artistic-gentleman way. Although you must consider the time you’ll need to recreate this look every day because it takes practice to create those perfect curls on the tip of the moustache.

For a versatile style that can be made to fit most aesthetics, you should consider a Goatee. Grow it a bit messy and rugged to give yourself a tougher look. Or you can go for a neater aesthetic by trimming tightly at the ends. The Goatee is recommended to those who want a good amount of facial hair, but prefer to maintain only one area of their face. However, this style is not extremely low maintenance, but it’s short enough that it still gives a fun and masculine look. A trim once a week will help you keep the style distinguishable! It’s easy to make the Goatee look sexy, just ask Idris Elba. If you’ve got a smile that makes the ladies swoon, we think that a Goatee is perfect for achieving the silver fox look.

Circle Beard
The Circle Beard looks exactly as it sounds, a moustache that connects to a short beard. This style is very common and people who are hesitant to try more unique styles should choose this one. It’s a classic, neat look that will do well in formal and corporate environments. This one, however, embraces a more mature aura. It accentuates your sophistication and will bring you the respect that an experienced man like you deserves!

The key to achieving the title of silver fox relies on both your demeanour and how you present yourself, as well as your looks and aesthetic. Embrace maturity and embrace your white hair! Because despite whatever stage you are in life, there is always a way to present yourself in an attractive manner. Lifestyle changes can also help you transition into a new, and more mature stage. At this point, it would be smart to start Booking Appointments with professional barbers. The barbers at Get Groomed are experienced professionals who know how to help other gentlemen achieve the beard style that they are looking for. Get in Touch and achieve your favoured style!

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