5 health benefits of having a moustache

5 health benefits of having a moustache

This is 2019, and a man’s facial hair can be just as unique as he is. With that said, moustaches aren’t for everyone and you may be looking for some extra reasons to justify your facial hair choices. Look no further.

Get Groomed is a mobile barber service that provide a traditional and indulgent experience, tailored entirely around the client’s schedule. Today they share 5 health benefits of having a moustache.

  1. Decrease risk of cancer – a moustache protects your upper lip from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, decreasing your risk of developing cancer... of the upper lip.

  2. Foster trust – according to studies, men in commercials who have beards elicit more trust than those who don’t. Just make sure it’s clean and well managed!

  3. Fewer cuts – the less you shave your face, the less likely you are to cut yourself. A knick can turn into an infection, which can turn into death. Beware.

  4. Decreased costs – the money that you’re spending on razors could be spent on food and shelter. Do you want to starve or freeze to death? Thought so. Grow a moustache instead…

  5. Makes you sexy – this doesn’t have any DIRECT health benefits, but who doesn’t want to look a little hotter? Facial hair can create the illusion of a more symmetrical (and therefore attractive) face.

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Get Groomed Get Groomed eliminates the stressful travel to and from barber shops and every problem in between. By bringing specialized, professional barbering right to a client’s doorstep, Get Groomed is ensuring that a client receives the finest grooming service available, in the comfort of their own home – or even their office or hotel room! That’s the whole ethos of Get Groomed – wherever is best for the client, is where the barber will show up.

Get Groomed has access to a large team of professional mobile barbers who are well trained and vetted. The company connects its customers with the right barber for them, in their area, completely tailored for their individual style at a time and place that suits the client.

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