ROCK-A-BEARD BABY: What beard style is best for your face shape and how to ROCK IT!

ROCK-A-BEARD BABY: What beard style is best for your face shape and how to ROCK IT!

To beard? or not to beard? That is the question; but before we go all “Hamlet” about it, let us discuss first your face shape. You may want to sport a David Beckham, or perhaps a Prince Harry for your beard game, but the question is – will it compliment your face shape? Do you even know what your face shape is? There are different types of face shapes for each person, and if you still have no idea about yours, relax! According to, there are 3-simple ways for you to determine your face shape, just take out a measure and write down – 1. the widest part of the face; 2. the shape of your jaw; 3. the length and the width of your face. So, before you go all “HAIRY” Potter, let us guide you through which beard style is best for your face shape.

Rectangle Face Shape
People with rectangular faces have square jawlines but appear longer than they are wide. So, for this face shape, we have to draw the attention away from the length and try to put emphasis on the width. If you fall under this face shape, you may try to sport a Friendly Mutton Chops or Chin Strap Beard style for this face shape.

Square Face Shape
Like a square, the face measurement for this shape is proportional, with a stronger and sharper jawline. For this one, we now have to elongate the look and accentuate your features by creating a focus at the center or the chin area. If you have a square face, you may try to soften your features and balance your look with a circle beard, full beard style, and/or a goatee.

Round Face Shape
This face shape has softer features than those of rectangle and square, having the cheekbones as the most prominent feature of the face, while the hairline and the jaw are of the same measurement. You may try to square it up and create a stronger angle on the jawline, you may try to go with a Van Dyke Beard, Short Boxed, Balbo, or Anchor Beard Style.

Oval Face Shape
This may be the perfect face shape, although it may appear longer than it is wide, the measurements are proportionally balanced. People with this can sport any beard style they opted for, but to get the best out of it and try not to ruin the balance by elongating the face further. You may want to keep it groomed and opt for a stubble beard or a classic mustache.

Heart Face Shape
A person with a heart-shaped face has a wider forehead, narrower jaw, and a pointed chin. With this small face, you may not want to cover its entirety with hair, so you may opt for a short beard style. Soft sideburns may also add some depth and volume to accentuate your jawline.

Diamond Face Shape
This face shape is quite similar with the heart shape face, with a wider and higher cheekbone, a narrow jawline, and an appointed chin, but with a narrower forehead. You may try to avoid long and pointy beards, square it off to make your jawline appear sharp and more balanced. You may go for minimal beard styles, like a goatee or maybe a chin strap, and give it a little swag with a mustache.

Triangle Face Shape
A pointed chin and a sharp jawline are the most prominent features of a person with a triangle face shape. Not like the diamond and the heart shape, the jaw measures wider than the cheek area, and a narrower forehead. For this face shape. Better to opt for a square beard style for this face shape, avoid long and pointy beard.

Heading out to go get that beard style now?

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