5 reasons why workplace beauty treatments are on the rise

5 reasons why workplace beauty treatments are on the rise

Employers and employees alike are fast realizing the benefits of at-work beauty services, both from a practical perspective, and an indulgent one !
Get Groomed are a mobile barber service who provide a traditional and indulgent experience, tailored entirely around the client’s schedule. Today they share 5 reasons why Workplace beauty treatments are on the rise.

  1. It makes a great gift - there's no better way to show your employees they’re valued than by organizing workplace beauty and relaxation services for them. It also works as a great incentive and inspires loyalty !

  2. Health benefits - delivering treatments to time starved professionals can leave them feeling refreshed and revived, leading to increased productivity and happier, healthier staff.

  3. Confidence - have your staff been dealing with a big, stressful project recently? Do they have presentations or meetings coming up? You can supercharge their confidence and wellness without even having to leave the office.

  4. Stress-relief - as stress levels rise in the workplace,more and more organizations are finding that looking after the well-being of their staff is something they can no longer ignore.

  5. Time-saving - time is a precious currency in our working lives. Make the most of it by scheduling a beauty treatment into your working day at a time, and place, that suits you.

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Get Groomed A man needs to feel like his barber experience is a luxury, and not an inconvenience – and that’s where Get Groomed comes in: the perfect mobile barbering service tailored around the client’s schedule.

Get Groomed eliminates the stressful travel to and from barber shops and every problem in between. By bringing specialized, professional barbering right to a client’s doorstep, Get Groomed is ensuring that a client receives the finest grooming service available, in the comfort of their own home – or even their office or hotel room!

Get Groomed has access to a large team of professional mobile barbers who are well trained and vetted.

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