5 Signs you are not caring for your hair

5 Signs you are not caring for your hair

Our bodies tell us everything we need to know, and the same goes for our hair. If your hair constantly feels dry, greasy or brittle, it’s a sign that you’re not caring for your hair well enough.

Get Groomed eliminates the stressful travel to and from barber shops and every problem in between, by bringing specialized, professional barbering right to a client’s doorstep. Here, they discuss 5 signs you’re not caring for your hair.

  1. Rough towel drying – if you’re running late for work in the morning, it can be tempting to quickly rub a towel over your head for a few minutes to dry your hair. This is inexcusable as this form of intense drying will roughen up the cuticle, leading to dull hair as well as breakage. Instead, pat your hair when using a towel to soften the impact.

  2. Too many harsh products – hair care products are an essential step in any styling routine; however, you may not realize that the products you’re using could be loaded with harsh chemicals which are actually causing long-term damage to your luscious locks. Investigate the ingredients of what you’re using, and if they’re overloaded with harmful chemicals – chuck them out and ask your hair stylist for more natural alternatives.

  3. Over washing – when you shower daily, it can be tempting to lather up your locks with shampoo as part of your shower routine. However, washing your hair everyday strips it of its natural, protective oils that keep it shiny and healthy. Each wash removes essential oils that are produced to keep those locks healthy and strong, running risk of creating brittle and dry hair. Instead, aim to wash your hair three times a week and utilize a dry shampoo on off days.

  4. Too much heat – intensive heat in a daily hair care routine means you are more than likely causing some serious damage to your hair, and even burning it! Instead, avoid the top heat setting when using hairdryers, and always protect your hair with a heat-protection spray or serum to minimize damage. Ask your hair stylist for product recommendations.

  5. Avoiding haircuts – regular trims are encouraged because hair becomes damaged pretty quickly. Trims make way for growth, and when our hair is healthier it is much easier for you to manage and style. Our hair is one of our biggest accessories, and a fresh trim is vital to feeling confident. If you’re too busy to go to the barbers regularly, Get Groomed will come to you!

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