Mobile barbering in London and its benefits

Mobile barbering in London and its benefits

According to the Office of National Statistics there are about more or less 7,000 hairdressing businesses in London; and around 44,000 in the United Kingdom in March 2020. Although, it wasn’t a secret how the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll in the world of business and has greatly affected the personal care and grooming industry. But you know when they say that, “nothing in this world is absolute”; that “things are not all good, but not all bad”? Well, the same principle can be applied with the pandemic. Although this may sound so privileged, yet we can’t deny the fact that this unfortunate event has also opened new revolutionary opportunities to businesses – the Salon and Barbering industry didn't go last in the line with that.

Although even before the pandemic hit the world, mobile barbering had already been surfacing around London and now the rest of the UK, yet the event somehow gave it a special push to grow bigger. Why not? You get the chance to stay at the safest place on earth – your home – while getting a good haircut. Just the best of both worlds! So here, we listed down a few things why MOBILE BARBERING is the real deal in the grooming business.

Time and Energy Saving

Let’s face it, the time between our rest and our busy schedule at work is sometimes too short – making all the traveling, finding and waiting or worrying about being on time just to get a haircut can be too much. The time you will have to spend on traveling can be used on some more purposeful things like baking, arts and crafts, house chores, finishing your work, or just lying and relaxing. Get your Barber’s appointment at a place and time that works best for you.

Exclusivity and Comfort

At some point, being around the public can sometimes be exhausting and uncomfortable; and in some situations, other family members or friends might be joining the grooming session too; but renting the whole place just to have it exclusively for yourself or your family and friends can be costly. With mobile barbering you can have the same luxury experience with a lesser cost. All you have to do is find a perfect spot for your haircutting session, whether at your home or wherever you are.

Efficiency and Convenience

Just imagine how great it is to squeeze in a time for grooming without getting in the way of your job. You wouldn’t have to leave the office or your house, just book an appointment, and then you can just get a haircut at your home and at your workplace, at your most convenient time. No need to serve some extra hours on the trip.

Most, if not all British Men are keen to look good and well-groomed, and London is one City that’s popular in the category. Now that things are getting a little better, and businesses are recovering; the industry of mobile barbering will stay and continuously grow. It is good news that the barbering business in general is picking up, it’s just better to know that we have these great options available.

Experience the luxury of mobile barbering with Get Groomed, from haircut to beard restyling to hair colouring and more, at a place and time that suits you. Get it from our professional and expert barbers.

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