Best Men's Fringe Hairstyles: Top 5 Picks To Try

Best Men's Fringe Hairstyles: Top 5 Picks To Try

In the world of men’s hairstyling, fringe hairstyles hold a special place due to their adaptability and timeless appeal. Perfect for adding texture, volume and a dash of youthfulness to any look, fringes can significantly alter your appearance, making you stand out. Moreover, they are incredibly versatile, seamlessly fitting into both casual and formal styles, proving that a well-chosen fringe can elevate any outfit.Here are the top 5 best fringe hairstyles for men that are currently turning heads:

1. Textured Angular FringeThe Textured Angular Fringe is ideal for men seeking a modern, edgy look. Characterised by sharply angled ends and generous texturing, this hairstyle works well with thicker hair. Not only does it give a fashion-forward vibe, but the angular fringe also allows for easy maintenance and styling versatility. It adds dimension and movement, and when paired with a taper fade on the sides, it beautifully accentuates the face's structure.

2. Classic Straight Fringe
The Classic Straight Fringe is a real classic, perfect for those who love keeping things simple yet stylish. If you've got straight hair, this is the cut for you. Its clean lines make it incredibly easy to style in the morning, saving time without sacrificing style. It features a sleek, blunt fringe that neatly hangs right above the eyebrows. Plus, it's super versatile; you can rock it at the office or on a casual day out, making it a favorite go-to look for many.

3. Curly Fringe with High FadeCurly-haired men can rejoice with the Curly Fringe paired with a High Fade. This style embraces natural curls by letting them loose on the top with a fringe, while the sides and back are kept short with a high fade. Furthermore, this haircut strikes an ideal balance between simplicity and sophistication, effortlessly serving as a statement look. It’s a fantastic way to manage curly hair stylishly without over-taming it.

4. Side-Swept Fringe
The Side-Swept Fringe is for those who favor a softer appearance. It works exceptionally well for men with wavy or slightly curly hair. The asymmetrical nature of the cut showcases facial features, providing a flattering frame for the face. The fringe is cut longer and styled to sweep to one side, offering a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Combine it with a low fade for added contrast and cleanliness around the ears and neck.

5. Messy Fringe for Thin HairFor men with thin hair, the Messy Fringe can create an illusion of volume while maintaining a fashionable edge. This hairstyle allows the hair to be tousled and styled forward, with an emphasis on creating texture and a sense of fullness at the front. Using the right products, like light matte clay or mousse, can further enhance the look, ensuring your messy fringe remains dynamic throughout the day. Paired with a subtle taper or an understated fade on the sides, it keeps the focus on the lively and volumized fringe.


Q: What is a fringe haircut in men?
A: A fringe haircut, often referred to as ‘bangs’ for men, features hair that hangs over the forehead. It can be short or long and styled in different ways depending on your preference.

Q: Which face shapes work well with a fringe?
A: Fringe hairstyles in men tend to suit various face shapes, but they are particularly complimentary for men with longer face shapes such as oval or rectangular, as the fringe can help to give the appearance of a shorter length to the face. Men with heart-shaped faces often benefit from fringes as they soften the forehead width and complement the cheekbones. That said, with the diverse range of fringe styles available, a skilled barber can tailor a fringe to flatter other face shapes too, including round and square, by adjusting the cut, length, and styling of the fringe.

Q: Can fringe hairstyles be adapted for different hair types?
A: Absolutely! Fringe hairstyles can be customized for any hair type, from straight to curly. Your stylist can help you choose the best fringe style that suits your hair type and face shape.

Q: How can I maintain my fringe hairstyle?
A: Maintaining a fringe hairstyle involves regular trims every few weeks to keep the shape and length as desired. Using the right hair products, like lightweight pomades or waxes, can also help in styling and holding the fringe in place.

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