Must-try medium length hairstyles for men and essential styling tips, Part 1

Must-try medium length hairstyles for men and essential styling tips, Part 1

Are you feeling like it's time for a change when it comes to your hair? Maybe you're after a style that can easily transition from a day at work to a night out, or perhaps you're aiming for something that's a tad easier to manage. Medium length hairstyles strike that perfect balance, offering both adaptability and a hint of elegance. Here are the top 10 medium length hairstyles that not only look fabulous but are also incredibly versatile and low maintenance.

The Textured Wave
The textured wave is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair. This laid-back look is one of the trendiest men's medium haircuts. Not only does this effortless style exude a relaxed vibe that is suitable for both an office setting and a weekend gathering, but it also requires minimal styling, making it an ideal choice for men who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look. Furthermore, the textured wave can easily be enhanced with a bit of styling product to define the waves, adding an extra touch of sophistication to this already versatile haircut.

Styling tip: Use a sea salt spray on damp hair and scrunch it into your locks as you dry them. This will enhance the natural waves and give a rugged texture.

The Classic Pompadour
The Classic Pompadour truly is a timeless choice that never fades from the fashion scene, featuring those unmistakably short sides with voluminously long hair on top, all swept upwards and back. It's a real cornerstone among men's haircuts, radiating a vibe that’s as classy as it is daring. You know, getting this look just right might seem a bit daunting at first, but trust me, with a bit of practice and the right styling products, you’ll be rocking this iconic style like a pro.

Styling tip: Applying a volumizing mousse or pomade to damp hair. Use a blow dryer and a round brush to lift the hair at the roots and sweep it back, creating the signature pompadour volume and shape.

The Side Part
Sophisticated and versatile, the side part suits most face shapes. It can be adapted for both casual and formal occasions, making it a popular men's medium haircut. The Side Part seriously never misses a beat — it's the epitome of sophistication and versatility rolled into one sleek look that just suits almost every face shape. And the best part? It's your go-to whether you're keeping it casual for a coffee run or stepping it up for a fancy night out, making it a top pick among medium haircuts for gents. Plus, there's this cool, understated elegance it brings to the table; it's like it whispers "I've got my life together" without you having to say a word. Seriously, dabbling a bit with a side part might just have you wondering why you didn't give it a shot sooner.

Styling tip: Use a fine-toothed comb and a matte pomade to part the hair neatly. Comb hair into place for a polished look.

The Modern Quiff
The Modern Quiff gives you that cool retro feel from the '50s but with a fresh, updated edge. It's awesome for folks with medium-length locks since it gives you that great lift and volume up top that really makes a statement. To nail the look, you'll want to start with some volumizing product, blow-dry your hair while lifting it at the roots, and then finish with a bit of pomade or wax to shape and hold that quiff in place.

Styling tip: For an extra touch of sophistication on your Modern Quiff, try using a round brush when blow-drying to really amplify the volume and create a smooth, rounded shape that'll turn heads.

Disconnected UndercutThe Disconnected Undercut really stands out because of that sharp difference between the super short sides and the thick, full hair on top. It's got this cool, contemporary vibe that's all about making a statement with that dramatic contrast. To get this cutting-edge look, you’ll want to ask your barber to keep the sides really tight and leave plenty of length on top, which you can then style with some texture or slick it back for a more polished vibe.

Styling tip: For a personal twist on your Disconnected Undercut, play around with different styling creams to either enhance the texture on top for a casual, lived-in look or comb it back with a gel for a sleek, classic finish.

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For even more cool hairstyle options beyond the ones we've talked about, make sure to take a peek at Must-Try Medium Length Hairstyles for Men and Essential Styling Tips, Part 2. This follow-up is like the treasure chest of men's medium hairdos, brimming with new and trendy styles as well as smart tips to keep your look on-point.

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