Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers’ Breakthrough Recognition in Wharf Magazine

Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers’ Breakthrough Recognition in Wharf Magazine

Can you believe it, friends? Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers made it to Wharf Magazine! One of our esteemed co-founders, Giuliano, has recently been spotlighted in Wharf Magazine—an opportunity that marks a significant milestone in our continuous growth journey. Where Canary Wharf offers plenty of services to keep women looking their best, Giuliano Dore, a visionary 26-year-old, saw that men didn't have the same opportunity. "Your face is your business card", he says, underscoring the importance of always putting your best foot forward.

Out of his challenges finding quality grooming services during business trips, an idea started to form. Giuliano, a software engineer by trade, recognised this was an issue not just for him but for other men as well. He thought to himself that there had to be a better way. This spurred the creation of Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers, a service that bridges busy London men with skilled and reliable barbers.

What does this mean for you? Giuliano and his dynamic business partner, Sabrina Vijaykumar, are on a mission to ensure that outstanding grooming is accessible to all men. We invite you to experience Get Groomed first-hand — empowering you to feel your best and face the world looking just as polished as anyone else. Don't miss out on this chance. Book your session now.


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