Join us on the ride: The Get Groomed Mobile Barbers success story and how you can be a part of it

Join us on the ride: The Get Groomed Mobile Barbers success story and how you can be a part of it

As the world of personal grooming continually transforms, Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers has risen as a hallmark of innovation and customer-centric service. Founded in 2017 by the visionary duo, Giuliano Dore and Sabrina Vijaykumar, this London-based startup began with a simple yet groundbreaking idea: to deliver top-notch barber services directly to clients, wherever they are and whenever they need it. 

A story of growth and expansion 
What started as a modest operation in the bustling streets of London has since expanded into a comprehensive network that spans Manchester, Birmingham, Kent and Guildford. This growth trajectory is not just geographical; it reflects an expanding array of services catering to a wider audience than ever before. From attending to individual clients in the comfort of their homes to partnering with corporate offices, hotels and events, Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers has redefined the landscape of mobile barbering services. 

Awards and recognition 
Our journey, fueled by passion and perseverance, has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, we were thrilled to be named 'The Best Emerging Barber Brand' at The National Hair and Barber Awards, an accolade that affirmed our commitment to excellence. The innovation that drives us every day was further recognised in 2019 when we received the 'Best Innovation of the Year' award from MoneyGram for both the UK and Europe. Such honors reflect our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries within our industry. 

In the spotlight 
Our narrative of success has not only captivated numerous esteemed media platforms but also garnered acclaim for our pioneering approach to mobile barbering. Recently, Giuliano was interviewed by the Mens Wear Style Podcast, shedding additional light on our impact within the industry. GQ spotlighted the growing trend of at-home barbering, featuring Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers as a leader in this space, and both the Evening Standard and Harper's Bazaar ranked us as one of their foremost recommendations for at-home beauty services.

 A reflection on our journey and the road ahead 
Reflecting on our journey from a bootstrapped startup to a key player in the barbering space fills us with immense pride. We have built Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers from the ground up, relying on our resourcefulness, resilience and the belief that we could revolutionise the way men experience hair grooming services. Thanks to our hard work and the loyalty of our growing clientele, we have seen our revenues, partner relationships and event bookings soar. 

As we look to the future, we are keenly aware that our story is far from over. With an eye on further growth and innovation, we believe now might be the opportune moment to welcome investors into our family. If you're an investor looking for a proven, innovative business ripe with potential, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Our success is not solely defined by what we have achieved; it's also shaped by the dreams we continue to chase. We've come a long way on our own, but we believe that with the right partners, the possibilities are endless. If you're inspired by our story and see the value in what we bring to the table, let's talk about what you can offer us. 

Contact us now to explore investment opportunities and learn more about our future plans. 

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