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Mobile Barber VS Traditional Barbershop in Terms of Proper Hygiene

Mobile Barber VS Traditional Barbershop in Terms of Proper Hygiene

Disinfecting is very important even before the pandemic came. It is a procedure where you need to use chemicals or solutions to kill harmful microorganisms such as germs, bacteria, etc.

In the barbering field, disinfecting the equipment and tools between uses is a must especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic. A lot of men nowadays prefer to get a mobile barber rather than going to a barbershop because of a lot of reasons and one of these is having a guarantee of the safety of the customer. 

Barbicides are widely used by barbers and it needs at least 10 minutes to fully disinfect the equipment and tools. For mobile barbers, you can assure that they will disinfect their equipment and tools thoroughly while in a barbershop, some are following the right procedure but some are not, especially if the shop is fully packed with customers.

So, if you're hesitant about your safety, it’s better to stay at home and book a mobile barber.

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