Must-try medium length hairstyles for men and essential styling tips, Part 2

Must-try medium length hairstyles for men and essential styling tips, Part 2

Continuing from our previous exploration of must-try medium length hairstyles for men and their crucial styling tips, let's delve further into more styles that not only enhance your look but also cater to different hair textures and individual preferences. Whether you're aiming for a sleek appearance or embracing your natural texture, these styles ensure you stay at the forefront of grooming trends:

Slicked Back Undercut
The slicked-back undercut combines short shaved sides with a longer top slicked back. It’s a sharp and modern look that commands attention. To get this style right, buzz those sides down to the desired shortness, and keep the top long enough to push back with some strong-hold pomade or gel. When you’re ready to style, just comb it back slick and smooth, and you'll be turning heads with a vibe that's as confident and modern as it gets — like you're the lead in a high-stakes action movie, ready to save the day.

Styling tip: Work a high-shine gel or pomade through your hair and comb it back for a sleek finish.

Medium Length Tousled Hair
Perfect for a casual, effortless look, this style works well on straight and wavy hair, giving a freespirited vibe. Start by letting your hair grow out to that perfect, just-past-the-ears length. When styling, use a bit of texturizing spray or mousse on damp hair, and then give it a quick rough dry with your fingers or a blow dryer on a low setting, encouraging those natural twists and turns. Add a little lightweight wax or pomade to break up the sections lightly, and voilà, you've nailed that laid-back, just-came-back-from-the-beach look without even setting foot on the sand.

Styling tip: For maintaining that tousled appearance all day, consider using a hairspray with a flexible hold that will keep your locks in place without sacrificing their natural, breezy motion.

Medium Length Afro
A medium-length Afro typically extends about four to six inches from the scalp, offering a versatile canvas that balances manageability with ample volume and style options. This length is long enough to show off the natural texture and fullness of your hair while still being manageable on a daily basis. It is perfect for those looking to make a statement with their natural hair but without the extra maintenance that comes with longer styles.

Styling tip: Applying leave-in conditioners and natural oils can seal in moisture, keeping your curls supple and reducing the risk of breakage as they lengthen.

The Messy Crop
 A popular choice among younger men, this men's simple haircut involves textured layers that look great messy. To get this effortlessly cool style, ask your barber for textured layers that'll give your hair that choppy, dynamic vibe. When you're styling it at home, grab some matte paste or clay, work it through your hair with your fingertips to create that "I woke up like this" look—
making sure every strand doesn't quite fall in line, but still looks absolutely intentional. It's edgy, it's youthful, and it screams 'I didn't try too hard, but look how awesome I look.'

Styling tip: Work a matte paste through dry hair and twist sections with your fingers to add separation and texture.

The Mid Fade with Long Top
This stylish contrast of short and long makes it an edgy, eye-catching hairstyle. To nail this style, ask your barber for a crisp mid fade that blends seamlessly from almost skin-short sides to significantly longer lengths up top. For styling that top portion, get friendly with a blow dryer to bring in some volume, and then work through with a bit of pomade or wax to keep it textured, yet controlled.

Styling tip: To maintain the volume and direction of the longer top, consider using a round brush while blow-drying, and finish with a dash of hairspray for all-day hold.

With the right approach and tools, maintaining these men's medium haircuts can be simple and enjoyable. Experiment with these styles or discuss them with your barber to find what truly works for you. To ensure your new medium-length hairstyle is executed perfectly, why not book an appointment with Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers? They'll bring the barbershop experience to you, so whether you're going for the classic slicked-back undercut or the laid-back tousled look, their expertise will have you looking your best without you even having to leave home. Just search "mobile barbers near me" and see how Get Groomed Mobile Barbers can transform your hair with convenience and style.

For more insights and ideas, don't forget to check out 'Must-Try Medium Length Hairstyles for Men and Essential Styling Tips, Part 1' where we started our exploration of dashing medium-length haircuts and how to style them.

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