Tag a mate who needs a haircut!

Tag a mate who needs a haircut!

Imagine the scenario: you are getting ready with your mates, to go for a night out, everybody looking fresh, ready to hit Shoreditch or Broad Street, and one of your buddies arrives without his hair done. Absolutely no space at the barbers, and now all the shops are closed. What to do?

Now let’s imagine another scenario: you are getting ready to go out on a date. She replies with a request: she wants to go out but wants to bring her bff and suggests making it a double date. You need someone to keep her company. Your best friend is available, but the lad hasn’t seen a clipper in 5 months, what to do?

We have the solution for you: with our new ‘tag a mate’ plan, get your friend 50% off his first booking and as a reward, we will treat you with a 20% discount for your next haircut, how sweet is that?

How does it work?
You can reach out to us on Whatsapp, Facebook, via our contact form or via email with the contact info and we will make sure to apply the discounts for both accounts. You and your mate will be able to apply the discount when making the booking.

Are you looking to get haircuts at the same time?
Say less. Our ‘2x haircut’ service is ready for you; just say the word and we will apply the discount when you make the booking.

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