We just released a new promo coupon feature !

We just released a new promo coupon feature !

You were trying to save that money as christmas was coming and you wanted to offer the best to your better half or just treat yourself ? Your prayers have been answered. You might have seen it if you logged as a customer, but it is now possible to add coupons for bookings on Get Groomed.

The link is available in the header:

Many thanks to our intern Jake and his quality photoshop edit

So now there's a new page, fine, but what does that means ? It's pretty simple actually. 
Once you are on the page, you can actually enter the code you received and get that sweet coupon for your next booking.

Jake has been killing it with the screenshots

Once a coupon is added, it will be displayed in the list of coupons on the left and you will be able to select it for the booking of your choice: 

We are looking for a new intern

And that's it ! Keep a look out for new coupons ;) 

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