The hipster's guide to Manchester: craft beer, artisan coffee and the perfect undercut

The hipster's guide to Manchester: craft beer, artisan coffee and the perfect undercut

Manchester – a city known for its iconic music scene, its industrial architecture and in recent years, its thriving hipster subculture. The city's transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a cultural melting pot is evident in its diverse offerings that cater to the modern urbanite's taste for uniqueness and authenticity. From urban artisan coffee shops to craft beer bars and fashion-forward barbershops, this city has emerged as a haven for hipsters, blending the rich history with a contemporary twist that's both inviting and exhilarating. Here's your guide to navigating the hipster scene in Manchester, where every corner turned and every door opened leads to new discoveries that are as eclectic as they are engaging.

Craft beer hubs
Craft beer is a hipster staple, and Manchester doesn't disappoint, offering a diverse tapestry of flavors that cater to the discerning palate. In the bustling heart of the city, the Northern Quarter stands out as the epicenter for craft beer enthusiasts, with its range of pubs and bars serving an extensive array of local and international craft beers. This neighborhood is not just about beer; it's a cultural experience, where each establishment has its own unique vibe and story to tell. Try Port Street Beer House for its ever-changing menu or Cloudwater Brew Co.'s taproom for its highly regarded brews, each offering a glimpse into the craft beer revolution that's taken the city by storm. Amidst the industrial chic decor and the convivial atmosphere, you'll find yourself swept up in the passion for quality and taste that defines Manchester's craft beer scene.

Artisan coffees
When it comes to kick-starting your day or enjoying a lazy afternoon, artisan coffee houses are the heart of Manchester's hipster scene. These trendy locations serve more than just caffeine; they provide a cozy setting for conversation, work or simply soaking in the city's vibrant ambiance. Strategic locations like the bustling Northern Quarter are replete with these coffee houses, each sporting its own unique character and curated menu. Consider dropping by the Foundation Coffee House for their excellent in-house brews, where the grandeur of the high-ceiling interiors meets the warmth of a good cup. Alternatively, Takk has become somewhat of an institution in this part of town, renowned for its charming Nordic atmosphere and top-quality espressos - a testament to the city's diverse and inclusive spirit. These artisan coffee houses are sure to satisfy any coffee lover, contributing to the essence of what makes Manchester's hipster scene so charming and inviting.

Vintage clothing
Vintage clothing is a hipster must-have, adding a touch of timeless style and individuality to any wardrobe, and Manchester's vintage shops are a veritable playground for the nostalgic and style conscious. With a keen eye, you can unearth one-of-a-kind pieces that add character to your outfit and tell a story. Check out the bustling thrift scene at places like COW and Pop Boutiques, where racks and bins overflow with treasures from the past—here, you can hunt for anything from 70's disco designs to 90's grunge wear. These stores not only capture the essence of eras gone by but also promote sustainable fashion, making them a hit among those who prioritise eco-conscious lifestyles.

Vinyl stores
The revival of vinyl records is another cornerstone of hipster culture, signaling a newfound appreciation for the tangibility and rich sound of analog music. Manchester is riding the crest of this wave with a host of dedicated vinyl stores peppered throughout the city. Piccadilly Records and Vinyl Exchange stand out as local legends in this scene, boasting comprehensive collections that span all genres and eras — music enthusiasts can lose hours flipping through the racks in search of rare finds or beloved classics. These stores are not just retail spaces; they're communal hubs where aficionados and casual listeners alike come together over their shared love of music's physical form.

Distinctive haircuts
And let’s not forget an essential aspect of hipster culture - hair, which acts as a canvas for self-expression much like fashion or music. The undercut, with its emphasis on contrast and individuality, has been a hipster favorite for years. It's a distinctive look that embodies a blend of modern edginess and vintage charm, asserting the wearer’s creative flair and unique personality. Such hairstyles are not just fashion statements, but an expression of a deep-rooted ethos that prioritises authenticity and style with a side of rebellion. It's a style that conveys individuality and a non-conforming spirit, echoing Manchester’s own eclectic and inclusive vibe.

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Living the hipster life in Manchester is about embodying a culture that inspires originality and authenticity. From the beer you sip, the coffee you start your day with, the clothes you wear, the music you love, right down to the way you wear your hair - everything is an expression of individuality.

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