Manchester lookbook: Trendy haircut for men 2022

Manchester lookbook: Trendy haircut for men 2022

Every year, fashion statements alter a little as new trends emerge, which then modify or entirely replace some hairstyles. Retro and contemporary hairstyles are becoming more popular this year, along with some notable dying alternatives.

Check out the top 8 hairstyle ideas we compiled and see which style you should get into this 2022!

1. The High Fade with Curled Top

The tapered and fading sides and clean-shaven appearance is a perfect combo to enhance that jawline. But the story never ends there as the top tells another tale. The rusty brown hue really makes the curly strands pop and the volume much thicker.

2. The Brush Up on Top with Mullet on the Back

The mullet in the back gives the look a classic feel, while the brushed up top and low-faded sides give it a non-assuming look. The change in volume on this one is incredible, making this haircut versatile.

3. The Comb Over

For males who like a polished appearance without seeming arrogant, the comb over haircut is a terrific option. Whatever your preference, a comb over style looks very different when worn with a full beard than when worn with a tapered fade. Therefore, this staple cut will never go out of style.

4. The Slick Back

The most common style combines an undercut or fade on the sides and a longer hair on the crown, which can range in length from more than an inch to only a few inches. Most guys find this cut easy enough to style on the go, but it does take some upkeep and a dedication to powerful styling products.

5. The Messy Hair

The messy hairstyle is so well-liked among guys all over the world because it expresses strong masculine appeal. The disheveled look is always in style, whether the hair is long or short. A pro appearance is simple to develop if an occasion calls for it.

6. The Textured Fringe

This haircut's adaptability is its best feature. A texturizing pomade can be used to mess it up for a more laid-back appearance, while gel can be used to set each hair in its proper place for a more polished appearance.

7. The Ivy League

To get the cut, simply create a part and sweep the front of the hair to the side and use a strong hold product to secure it in place. The term "Ivy League" refers to the alleged origin of the cut, which is why it is now one of the most popular men's haircuts in the world. The cut is believed to have originated in universities like Harvard and Yale.

8. The High and Tight

This hairstyle is military-inspired and is known for its low-maintenance aesthetic. The hair is short on the sides, back, and front, with the top and front of the head having significantly longer hair than the rest. This style is flattering on everyone and requires very little upkeep or work.

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