Our director's statement regarding the change in pricing for the London area

Our director's statement regarding the change in pricing for the London area

When I founded this company in London in 2017, I had a vision: Being able to book a professional mobile barber to come to my place of convenience to get a haircut and a beard trim.

When I came to London, I was working for corporations keeping me busy from early in the morning until late at night.

My weekends were equally busy with work & social life so I ended up postponing my trip to the salon/barbershop times and times again.

The idea of having a barber coming to my place, giving me a cut and a beard trim while I was in the comfort of my own home was a tempting idea, and many of my professional peers were agreeing with the idea.

I started discussing this with barbers and the question of the commission was at the top of their concern regarding this idea. It made sense, they are the ones who are travelling around the city to provide beauty services with all their tools, it has to be worth it.

We launched our service in 2017 and I have been using the service myself ever since. I believe in our platform:

It is with great pride that I can say that I haven't been to a barbershop in London since our launch. I like the convenience & I know that our barbers are great.

Over time, we had to increase our prices and our commission in order to keep the platform working and keep our barbers happy.

At some point, we realized there was an appetite for our service in other cities, so we interviewed barbers and hired talented barbers in other cities in the UK.

Lately, we decided to increase our prices for the London area following our barbers' feedback. We listened to our barbers and picked a price in line with the inflation.

After a few weeks, we received feedback from our customers & I also realized that I was no longer recognising myself as a customer of my own platform, I basically priced myself out of my own app. This was not aligned with our vision nor with the way we wanted to treat our customers.

After a discussion with our operation team, we decided to reduce the service price on the website by reducing our commission for services in London. The change in price should only positively affect customers in London, as barbers will have their commission untouched.

We will continue to listen to our customers, and barbers and will continue to hold our values close to our hearts while helping our customers and barbers in 2023.

Our services and prices are available here: our services

Many thanks,

Giuliano Dore
Director at Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers


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