5 Men's hairstyles that will absolutely seduce her

5 Men's hairstyles that will absolutely seduce her

People may say that looks aren’t everything, but first impressions do last. Do you have a friend who just effortlessly has people looking? Or maybe women tend to have their eyes on him? Changing up your look may do you some good. You won’t need to do anything too extravagant; a new neat hairstyle can do the trick. Read on to check out some hairstyles that women are loving lately.

Slicked Back

This one is a time-tested hairstyle. It was a handsome look back then; it's just as attractive today. The slick back is a clean style many people would describe as classy. Tons of celebrities wear this style on the red carpet because it’s neat, easy, and has an air of formality.

The slick back has many variations, but the original looks good on most face shapes, hence its popularity.

After you shower, comb a hand through your hair from the front. Leave your hair pushed back, and it will dry that way naturally. If you want to ensure it holds its shape, apply gel or even hairspray if you need a stronger hold. While you can slick back shorter hair, this style looks better on medium to long hair.

Man Bun

Initially, men with long hair put their locks up for convenience. But like many good things, it evolved into a trend. Perhaps its popularity could be attributed to the hipster trend of the 2010s. Long hair also indicates youth as compared to balding as we age, which could be one of the reasons women can find long hair attractive. This hairstyle will look good on men with oval faces and square faces.

Naturally, you'll need long hair for this style. Man Buns can be styled high on the back of your head or low near your nape. The key to a good-looking man bun is keeping it natural. Don't go to extreme lengths to get a neat bun; women actually prefer a more rugged looking one. Gather your hair into a ponytail. Once you’re satisfied, twist it until you get a bun and secure it with a hair tie. Also, women like to watch men tie their hair up; they find it incredibly sexy! So once you’ve mastered the process, try tying your hair in front of someone you find attractive.

You might experience some interesting results!

The Ivy League

The Ivy League is a gorgeous hairstyle for those with shorter hair. Many describe it as smart because its origins can be traced to Harvard, hence the name. Classy women will like this professional style. Like the slick back, the ivy league cut can help you project an image of formality. Daniel Craig wore his hair in this style during his portrayals as the very sexy James Bond. This style will look best on men with round faces.

The ivy league is a kind of crew cut but longer. The general idea is to keep your hair short but the top should also be long enough to comb over. Once you’ve combed your hair over to the side of your choosing, you’ll see the difference between a crew cut and the classier ivy league.

The Hockey Cut / The Flow

Hockey players loved this style because it kept them warm on the ice. Men who often have the wind on their face gravitate towards this hairstyle too. Surfers, for example, grow their hair to achieve this flowy hairstyle. They know they look amazing when the wind blows in their hair and frames their face. It’s also a fun style, perfect for attracting women who prefer men who look carefree and a bit rugged! Long hair is versatile and can work on many face shapes.

However, it looks best on people with short to medium-length faces. Shoulder-length hair or shorter is perfect for this style. Although you’ll need to trim it every once in a while to maintain its flowy-ness. Long hair is heavy, and too much weight will prevent you from getting volume. Brush it back away from your face to get the desired silhouette.

The Quiff

It's an iconic hairstyle worn by an iconic heartthrob! There’s a song that goes, "You’ve got that James Dean daydream to look in your eyes". And you can guess it, James Dean had the quiff. It’s a more eye-catching style that begs attention! Some women love the bad boys, and this style has always been a staple for anyone who wants that edgy vibe. The height the quiff gives is perfect for those with shorter faces.

The quiff requires length on the top and shorter sides. While this is similar to many hairstyles, there should be a considerable difference between the top and sides. The top should be long enough to have lots of volume. The defining feature of this style would have to be the height you give and the quiff’s fluffy texture. The taller look it offers sets it apart from other similar styles.

Keep in mind the image that you wish to show off and what kind of people you aim to attract. Ultimately, your chosen style should reflect your true personality because a woman will be dating you, not your hair. Not all hairstyles will look great on everyone; learn what will work for you with the help of our barbers at Get Groomed . Get in Touch or Book an Appointment to get that new style that’ll have all the girls looking!

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