What your hairstyle tells about your personality - Part 4

What your hairstyle tells about your personality - Part 4

In our previous articles, we have discussed how hairstyles can bring out a man’s personality. It is said that hairstyle can align your traits and for us men, hair is one of the things that we take pride in. It brings out our manliness and results in confidence and a better appearance. Moreover, on this blog, we will add another list of haircuts that can exhibit your personality based on scientific research.

Classic Crew Cut

A crew cut is a low-maintenance cut used by British men since it has tapered sides and leaves the upper part of the head with little hair.

What does Classic Crew Cut tell about your personality?

Classic Crew Cut is associated with simplicity, elegance, and opulence. This type of hairstyle is mostly chosen by professionals and businessmen due to busy schedules as it is a low-maintenance hairstyle and has a timeless crop. Therefore, if you are a soon-to-be professional and considering the type of haircut to choose, try a classic crew cut and it will be a safe choice.

Top Knot

Top Knot is emerging as a hairstyle in today’s time. This kind of hairstyle is quite complicated to pull off as it required multiple appointments to the barber to perfect it. The top knot is long on top and short on the sides which is not the norm on haircuts making this quite arguable to be a good haircut.

What does Classic Top Knot tell about your personality?

Men who have Top Knot haircuts are usually not afraid of criticism, carefree, creative, and dense at the same time. In addition, they might be unpredictable and do whatever they like and if your shoe fits and would like to be adventurous, then you can take the challenge.

Bald Hair

I think we all know what bald means, there is no hair. However, this type of hairstyle needs a lot of mental fortitude for a man as it might affect your confidence. In addition, hair can give us much more confidence as it makes us look better. Moreover, women perceived bald men as more masculine than haircuts with hair.

What does Bald tell you about your personality?

The process of being bald for some can be devastating. Some do go bald to hide the increase in hair loss due to age. However, Bald men tend to be more intelligent, charismatic, and dominant. Also, they are more honest and clever.

If your personality does not fit the haircut said earlier, you can explore the whole series on the link below:

Hair can align our personality unconsciously. These are the data that have shown and what are the common characteristics of men that get certain haircuts. At the end of the day, it is still your decision of what haircut to get as it can affect your courage.

Therefore, if you would like to consult if these haircuts can fit you, it is important to consult a barber. In addition, Get Groomed has a group of professional barbers who can help with the picking process and have professional recommendations that can be considered.

Lastly, Get Groomed is a mobile service where haircuts can be done by a professional barber in the comfort of your own home. You can contact us or book with us for your next barber appointment and reveal the true sense of yourself to others with a haircut.

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