What your hairstyle says about your personality: Part 2

What your hairstyle says about your personality: Part 2

This article is part of our serie: 'what your hairstyle says about your personality'. The first part is available here: What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality: Part 1 

Your hairstyle does not only make a great first impression, but it also reflects a bold statement about you. Your sense of identity is associated with the kind of hairstyle you have. There are men who regularly change their hairstyle. Meanwhile, there are some that keep the same haircut throughout their lives. No matter what hairstyle you rock, it definitely reveals something about you.

Actually, there are a lot of hairstyles for men that you can definitely choose from. Whether it is buzzcut, fade, pompadour, etc. your hairstyle communicates a distinct statement about your character and your identity. So, what does your hairstyle say about your personality?

Without further ado, we listed down some unique hairstyles that you may actually be flaunting right now. Know more about its basics and most importantly, what these hairstyles might reveal to the world about you.

Executive Contour

Characterized by a linear and soft fade with a strong vision of the side line, Executive Contour is a classic men’s cut that is actually requested by several generations of men. This haircut has a simple and polished fade that follows the shape of the head and the hairline.

What does executive contour say about you: If you have this hairstyle, you are definitely a dapper. Your mantra is classics never go out of style . You are casual, comfortable, and cool. People are drawn by your character and style. 


When we talk about trending hairstyles, the undercut is certainly one of the most popular. This cut is so versatile that it can work amazingly for men with different types of hair — curly, straight, or even wavy hair types, having the undercut can definitely work on you.

Another great thing about this haircut is you can style it in many ways. There are side part undercut, slick back undercut, short undercut, disconnected undercut, and so much more. (You can actually ask our expert barbers here at Get Groomed for recommendations!)

What does undercut say about you: When you have this haircut as your go-to style, you are definitely someone who believes that a refined look does not create or add problems in life, especially at work. You know that presenting yourself well matters, for being a dashing man creates a great impression. 

Interested by undercuts ? We wrote a dedicated article for the various ways to style a undercut hairstyle:


Spiky Hair

Inspired by the punk movement of the 70s, spiky hairstyles have long been fashionable hairstyle for men. Every generation revamps this interesting hairstyle to express their personal and artistic styles to the world. Spiky hairstyles are ideal for almost any hair texture.

Today, this hairstyle is curated to be more subtle, and it is actually possible with modern grooming techniques and products. Variations of spiky hair can be done with fade, taper, faux hawk, etc. Spiky hair is actually incredibly versatile.

What does spiky hair say about you: You are quite a rebel, artistic, and you know how to get people’s attention when you rock a spiky hair. You love looking sharp and you enjoy expressing your authenticity to the world. You charm your way out with your own uniqueness and confidence.

Man Bun 

You’ve definitely seen some people on the Internet going around and cutting off man buns. But in spite of all this hate by some, the man bun has stayed around — because it is easy to wear, and it looks cool. But what exactly is a man bun? A man bun is simply gathering your hair into a bun. Simple? Well, not really.

The thing is there are actually specific techniques to create various sorts of buns. These are slick back bun, messy top bun, loose bun, dreaded bun, and so much more. You can try these variations and even mix some techniques to create a new style.

What does man bun say about you: If you are rocking a man bun, there is a good chance that you have some hipster-ish vibe in you. You have that sense of self-assuredness in terms of expressing your own unique style. Not to mention, you are not afraid to challenge gender stereotypes. You are carefree, confident, and committed.

Now that you know how your hairstyle is associated with your personality and sense of identity. Keep in mind to maintain and groom your hair regularly. Remember, your unique hairstyle speaks a lot about you.

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