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About Moston

Discover Moston: Manchester's Suburban Charm

Moston, an enchanting suburb north of Manchester city center, offers a tranquil, yet vibrant, escape from the city's hustle and bustle. With its delightful blend of green spaces, local history and community vibes, Moston is a place where casual strollers and nature enthusiasts can find common ground. The neighborhood stands as a testament to Manchester's industrial past, while steadily carving out a reputation for its friendly locales and leisurely pursuits. Whether you're after a peaceful afternoon, a dive into local culture, or a space for family-friendly fun, Moston has something to charm everyone. 

Set your sights on the wide-ranging experiences in Moston: 

  • Moston Green provides a picturesque setting for afternoon picnics and leisurely dog walks. 
  • Broadhurst Park hosts exhilarating matches as the home ground of FC United of Manchester. 
  • Moston Lane is the vibrant axis of the suburb, dotted with shops and cafes. 
  • The Miners Community Arts and Music Centre serves as a cultural hub for creativity and the arts. 
  • Stroll through the enchanting Boggart Hole Clough, a wooded haven with a touch of folklore. 
  • History enthusiasts will enjoy the Moston Small Cinema, showcasing local films and documentaries. 
  • The Moston Market Hall offers a chance to browse local goods and crafts. 
  • Take time out for bowling or the arcade at the nearby Broadway Leisure Centre. 
  • Engage with Moston's history at the Lancashire Fusiliers War Memorial in Broadhurst Fields. 
  • The local library, Moston Lane, offers a quiet retreat and resources for knowledge seekers. 

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