5 Tips for braving a bold new look

5 Tips for braving a bold new look

It might be your birthday, a new season or perhaps there’s just something in the air – but you’ve decided to go for a bold, new look!
You don’t have to lose 20 pounds or max out your credit card to find a new style, though.

At Get Groomed we provide a traditional and indulgent experience, tailored entirely around the client’s schedule. Today we share 5 tips for braving a bold, new look.

  1. Get advice – no one knows you better than your friends and family.
    They’ll be able to give you honest and valuable advice on your ideas for your new look and help you sift out good looks from disasters!

  2. Do your research – thanks to social media networks and influencers, there’s no shortage of style inspiration on the internet. Spend some time digging around to find those stand-out looks that you keep returning to.

  3. Take risks – is there one look you’ve always wanted to try but not quite had the confidence to? Take the plunge to discover a new you – life is too short to live with regrets and not look and feel the way you want.

  4. Easy to maintain – go with something that feels right and makes you feel good about yourself. There’s no use choosing a radically different look that’s going to be difficult to maintain and that you’ll soon get tired of. Follow your instinct.

  5. Make it ‘you’ – it's good to research and get advice, but the best style is always your own style. Experiment and discover what works for you – and personalize it!

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Get Groomed A man needs to feel like his barber experience is a luxury, and not an inconvenience – and that’s where Get Groomed comes in: the perfect mobile barbering service tailored around the client’s schedule.

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