5 proven ways to take care of your beard

5 proven ways to take care of your beard

A beard can be an important factor in your personal style, and how you choose to present it can be as important as your outfit. Taking care of it adequately means you get the most out of your look and you feel fresh at all times. A freshly groomed beard can help your crush to notice you, help you gain confidence at work and succeed in every aspect of your life.

Get Groomed eliminates the stressful travel to and from barber shops and every problem in between, by bringing specialized, professional barbering right to a client’s doorstep. Here, they discuss 5 ways to take care of your beard.

  1. Get help from a professional barber – barbers don’t only cater for hairstyles. They can best help you style, groom and take care of your facial hair, along with suggesting new, unique ways you can style your beard or any other options you may have. Book one of our barbers to make sure your beard gets all the love it needs.

  2. Use a beard comb – if long, your beard hair needs brushing just as much as your head hair does. Getting the right comb for your beard is important, as is the method you use to comb it. It takes more than you think to comb your beard correctly (such as the right sized teeth in a comb) and your barber can better advise on this.

  3. Use beard oilwashing your beard regularly is important, but this can strip away its natural oils. Beard oil helps to restore the balance and keeps your beard hair hydrated and fresh. Professional barbers can supply the best beard oils during your appointments.

  4. Use utility balm – known better as cream for your beard, this balm helps to not only condition and care for your beard, but to style it too – similar to the way wax products work for your hair. Barbers can offer advice on unique ways to style your beard using balm.

  5. Use a beard softener – a softener is essentially what conditioner is for your head hair. You can leave the softener in your beard to absorb and wash out in order to condition your facial hair and make it softer.

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