Know the right beard style for your face shape this 2023

Know the right beard style for your face shape this 2023

We often forget that hair, especially facial hair, is an accessory. You can make or break the image you are trying to project depending on how you style it. Learning what brings out your best features will help you look and feel good this 2023.

Know Your Face Shape

Figuring out your face shape is the most important thing when deciding on a beard style. It's like choosing the right suit that'll look good on your body type. You wouldn’t want people to think that the clothes are wearing you instead of the other way around, right? The same rules apply to facial hair. So, the four basic face shapes are round, square, oval, and rectangle. To identify the shape of your face you need to look at your jaw, cheekbones, forehead, and face length.

Round Faces

Curved jawlines are the defining feature of round faces. The jaw will be almost as wide as the forehead, and the face length and cheekbones will be of identical width. Those with round faces tend to be boyish or young looking because of their round cheeks.

Recommended Style

Round faces are shorter, so you should go for styles that help the face look longer. Stay away from styles that cover too much of your face or you might end up compressing your features.

  • Goatees can help draw more attention to the chin, and it does the job of bringing more length to the face.
  • Chinstraps can also help achieve similar effects by bringing focus to the jaw.

Square Faces

Like round faces when it comes to measurement; the jaw, cheekbones, forehead, and face length will all be similar in width. This time though, the jawline will be sharp and have an obvious angle. Henry Cavill’s chiseled features and strong jaw are the reason people will always remember him as The Superman.

Recommended Style

Since you already have sharp angles, focusing on bringing length to your face will balance out your features.

  • A Goatee will elongate your face while also bringing attention to your naturally strong jawline.
  • Circle beards will have the same effects but will fill the face more.

Oval Faces

Face length will be longer than the cheekbone’s width for those with Oval faces. Your jawline won't be too soft or too sharp. You could say that your face is a perfect balance.

Recommended Style

If you have an Oval face there's a great variety of styles to choose from since you don't have to worry about balancing angular and soft features, lucky you. With this face shape, you can experiment with styles that other face shapes can't.

  • Try out a full beard, or even a Viking beard, if you want something more eye-catching.
  • On the other hand, you can go for a stubble beard if you want something that’s low-maintenance.

Rectangle Faces

Similar to oval faces because of their length. But the easiest way to tell the difference between a rectangle and an oval face is the jaw. Rectangle faces will have a stronger jawline like square faces.

Regé-Jean Page’s rectangle face can be identified by its length which is longer than the width between his cheekbones, not to mention he has a strong jaw.

Recommended Style

Because you already have a long face with angles, you'll want something to balance that out.

  • A hipster beard can help accentuate your jawline, giving it a wider look to balance your face length. You’ll need to keep it short though because you don't want to enhance the length even more.
  • Getting a balbo beard works the same way, and it’s the safer option because it’s a shorter style that won’t add length to the face.

Style should define you and your personality. Knowing what beard style fits your face, and at the same time, feels like you are the key to looking and feeling good. Get the style that feels like you with the help of our barbers at Get Groomed . Get in Touch with Us or Book An Appointment to get your beard styled now!

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