Understanding beard growth stages

Understanding beard growth stages

Your beard development timetable begins with a clean-shaven face. You've been shaving frequently, and perhaps you've used a nice shaving cream or gel to lubricate your razor. You've also probably used an effective after-shave lotion to keep your face hydrated while reducing irritated skin. The most important thing to remember during the freshly shaved phase is that before you start growing a beard, you want your facial skin to be in its greatest condition.


For the most part during this period, guys experience little. You'll probably notice a little stubble, or maybe more. In other words, what little grows within this time is not at all what you will get in the end.

During this period, you'll see the hair you’ve grown as either: darker (that makes up the majority of your beard), and lighter hair, known as vellus hair (particularly if you're younger). In place of the vellus hairs, darker hairs emerge.


Beards don't flower in a neat pattern at all times. There might be spots on your face where your beard is growing thickly and in a similar lining.

The latter is referred to as a “patchy beard”. This is caused by a variety of factors, including heredity, health imbalances and poor diet, distress, and inactivity.


A full-grown beard typically results from a month's worth of growth. Of course, there are many things to consider, and some guys may require more to develop a full set of whiskers on their faces.

There may still be patches in your beard, but there will also be larger regions of gorgeous, luscious growth. Depending on your age, you might even observe grayish bristles even though your scalp is clear of the color.


You should have a thick beard that is filled in and essentially appears like it will continue to grow for the next four to six months by that point. By this point, there's a high possibility that you'll have a reliable beard maintenance regimen down.

Your beard, however, now requires more management and attention than ever. It resembles a life of its own in many ways, with stray hairs emerging and some hair going in one direction while the others do the opposite.


Your beard should be fully grown starting at 6 months. But it's also a time when development can appear to halt. But that’s natural, much as the shedding that results from regular brushing.

At this stage, “beardruff” might also appear, but this can be addressed by frequently cleaning and using moisturizer.

Finally, you'll have an abundance of the beard by the time it's been 10 to 12 months. You can decide when or whether to trim it, but you can also let it continue to grow when it has become wild and shaggy!

It takes persistence, a little knowledge, and the resolve to stick with it through the journey of starting from scratch to grow a beard. You'll feel many of the same things along the road, even though your journey may be different from other guys. We hope that this manual will clarify each step for you!

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