Beard vs. clean shaven: grooming trends for the modern UK man

Beard vs. clean shaven: grooming trends for the modern UK man

If you're a modern man in the UK, chances are you've grappled with the age-old question - to shave or not to shave that is the question. In the mirror of fashion, beard trends have gone through periodic swings of popularity, from bushy Viking-esque beards to the immaculately shaven faces of yesteryears. But, where does the pendulum swing now? Let's delve into the exciting landscape of modern men's grooming, the beard vs. the clean-shaven look. Currently, the trend celebrates individuality; whether you prefer a rugged beard or a sleek, clean-shaven look, it's all about what best reflects your personal style. Grooming has evolved beyond mere fashion, becoming a personal statement of identity and self-care, making today the perfect time to experiment and find what truly suits you. Buckle up because we are going on a trend ride!

A Brief History
Let's do a quick rewind. Cast your minds to the days of the Beatles and Bowie, when clean- shaven used to be the standard. As we crossed into the grunge era, we started to see the emergence of some more hair on the faces of the gents of the UK. From then forward, no one looked back - beards, stubble, goatees, they all had their moments under the spotlight. Fast forward to the present, where the landscape of men's grooming is diverse, inclusive and wide-ranging.

The Modern Beard
There's no denying that there's been a 'beard boom' of sorts over the last decade. Just take a stroll down the streets of East London or Manchester, and you'll spot a sea of men proudly sporting everything from well-manicured stubble to elaborate full-length beards. Barbers in the UK have observed an increased demand for beard grooming services. Even Google (ever the reliable barometer of public curiosity) reports a steep rise in searches related to beard maintenance and grooming products. And the love for facial fur isn't just local. Big celebrities like Idris Elba, David Beckham and Tom Hardy have been spotted donning the bearded look, giving it another generous endorsement.

The Timeless Clean-Shaven Look
While the beard's popularity cannot be denied, the clean-shaven look remains an enduring classic. It still remains the staple among business and professional contexts where a crisp, clean-cut image is important. This style oozes sophistication and presents a neat, composed look. Moreover, clean-shaven can be a low maintenance choice, compared to the constant trimming and shaping needed to keep a beard looking sharp. And let's be honest, it's still a look favoured by many ladies. Even among younger men, there's an emerging trend back towards the clean-shaven look. Just cast your eyes on the likes of stars like Timothée Chalamet, who's been seen sporting the smooth, clean look on the red carpets.

Either Way, Your Call
Here's the thing, while trends are fun to follow, the best look is the one that makes you feel like 'you'. If the rugged charm of a beard suits you, embrace it. If the clean simplicity of a shaven face is more your style, rock it with confidence. Ultimately, whether it's beards or blades, it's important to keep in mind that grooming is about more than just following trends. It's about finding your unique style that makes you feel good.

Beard or clean-shaven, both are sound choices. The modern UK man knows that it's the person beneath the grooming that makes the difference. Trends come and go, but confidence is a timeless charm! Remember, whatever your grooming choice, Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers is here to help you achieve that perfect look right at your doorstep. Book your session with our skilled professionals and enhance your style with confidence.

Happy grooming, gentlemen!

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