Top 5 shaving tips for men

Top 5 shaving tips for men

Shaving seems like a fun activity that signals your arrival at adulthood. Then, as you age, you realize that you must perform this irritating grooming task regularly, which makes it a bummer. It takes a while to perfect shaving, and you can actually hurt yourself doing so.

Growing a beard might solve this problem. However, maintaining a beard also entails its own difficulties, which can be worse than shaving itself. The tips below can help you navigate through your relationship with shaving, and you may just discover it to be far from a chore and more of part of hygiene-keeping.


Always shave after taking a shower because this is the time when your pores are open and your skin and beard are feeling soft. Keep the warm shower water on the beard region for a little while longer as well, as a simple splash of hot water from the faucet won't cut it. To ensure that the razor functions as well as possible, choose a cream that not only lathers but is also not harsh on the skin.


You might not have previously used oil before, but using one does wonders to your shaves. This is because applying oil to your pre-shaved skin will make it dewy and allow the razor to glide on the surface without that scraping feeling. Put a small amount on your skin before applying the cream, and you should see mitigation in wounds or redness caused by the razor.


We often see old razors being kept for use longer than they should be, even if they have accumulated rust and are no longer safe. Change your razor every week, or when you have used it 2-3 times. Not doing so and continuing to use it on your skin would mean irritation and contamination, since most likely it’s also unclean. This is especially hazardous when you use it on your open pores. Dispose of your old razors properly and make sure you always have new blades for your stubbles.


Exfoliation simply entails removing the dead skin cells from your skin's surface, because the last thing you want is your pores getting clogged by dirt. Use a facial scrub! This should be a refreshing task for you and not an intimidating one. After all, exfoliation is not a term exclusive to women.


Your skin dries out after shaving, therefore you must refill the delicate area with soothing products. On the other hand, to immediately close those pores, wash your face with cold (not hot!) water. Afterwards, moisturize and cool the freshly shaven skin. You should also use an aftershave cream or balm. Shortly after the application, you should be having that fresh post-shave feeling and none of the burning sensation.

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