Bearded lifestyle: How trimming will improve your beard grooming life

Bearded lifestyle: How trimming will improve your beard grooming life

Beard style is not just about the look, nor a fashion – it has become a lifestyle. In the last years, especially during the height of the pandemic, the lack of social interactions has pushed many men to embrace the bearded life. Some may be thinking that growing facial hair is a lazy job – but on the contrary – it would take a lot of effort to keep that beard well-groomed and styled.

As you know, shaving is important in keeping your face clean, but for a neat and well-groomed beard, trimming is your best friend. This will improve your beard gaming a lot as it works best in shaping those baddies into the style that you are going for.


You don’t grow your facial hair just for the sake of growing them, unless you are going for a caveman look, then no problem; but if you want to be more attractive, then it should come with proper styling. There are a few things you have to consider before you start chopping off that beard – your face shape, the beard length, and the style. So if you want to achieve that, well first, determine what your face shape is. Remember, not because it looks cool on someone, doesn’t mean it will be the same for you and vice versa. Your beard must accentuate your best features and take the attention away from the other; and knowing your face shape will lead you to the best beard length and style that will suit you perfectly.


If you are starting from a clean shave, then you may start growing your beard for a couple of weeks. Mind you, the beginning of beard growing is known to be “the awkward phase”, as you may encounter patchiness and itchiness in the process. Don’t worry, you’ll be alright, like any other phase, this too shall pass. You may continue to deal with the unevenness in the first 4-6 weeks, you can try to mask it and if it becomes unrulier, try to even it out with a beard scissors. Now, the best time for trimming and reshaping is around 8-10 weeks, as it has to be fully grown at the time; or maybe more, depending on your desired length. However, we must also tell you, hair growth is different for each person, so the time frame may not be the same for you and for everyone else. Don’t worry, just be patient and it will surely come around.


Trimming may not be as easy as it sounds to be. You don’t just get the trimmer and cut. Like we said earlier, it takes a lot of effort to get it done. One vital step in beard trimming is to find your neckline. It is to determine up to what point the beard mostly goes and stops. So how do you know that you’re going for the correct line? Well, it varies really, as the length of the neck differs from one another. There are methods, however, that you can use to identify it – the most popular would be by using your fingers. Place your two fingers on your Adam’s apple, and the top of it would be the line we are looking for. Anything that goes below can be shaved off. Brush or comb your beard downwards, or to its growing direction before you start trimming. You may also shape your sideburns and touch up your mustache, depending on the look that you are opting for.


If you’re still having a difficult time wrapping everything around your head – relax! Consulting professionals is still the best way to get it done. Get Groomed offers mobile barbering service that connects you to expert barbers that will get your beard trimmed, shaped and styled, right to your doorstep.

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