Best and trendy crew cut for men in 2023

Best and trendy crew cut for men in 2023

Can you simply ask your barber for a crew cut? The answer is, that depends on the style you're aiming for. Yes, you can simply ask for a crew cut but that would mean you are letting your barber decide which haircut best suits you. While this is a very smart move, knowing which crew cut best fits your style and personality is much smarter.

Crew Cut has withstood the test of time over the years so we’ve listed out not just the trends but also the best crew cuts for men this 2023:

1. Classic Crew Cut

If you want a clean, neat, and low-maintenance hairstyle, the classic crew cut is your go-to and it still is. This year, a short cut with hair on the back and sides with a top that is slightly longer than the bottom is still in!

2. Fade Crew Cut

A very short haircut that is very similar to a Buzz cut except the back is a little tapered called the Fade. There are various lengths of Fade Crew Cut to go with and it all depends on what looks you’re aiming for. You can go from Skin Fade Crew Cut to Low Crew Cut and it will look so different each time.

  • Low Fade Crew Cut

The most understated amongst the Fade Crew Cut. The fade starts just about 1 inch above your ears. If you want a subtle yet cool-looking haircut, a Low Fade Crew Cut will take your hairstyle into a whole new dimension.

  • Skin Fade Crew Cut

A Skin Fade Crew Cut looks very young and fresh. If you want to look younger, this is the haircut to try on this year. The fade from the bottom is so clean that you can barely see hair. The trick is to make sure the length at the top is not so long or it will look unbalanced.

  • High Fade Crew Cut

Not for the faint of heart I must say. If you haven’t tried a Fade Crew Cut before, better start with a Low Fade. High Fade highlights your face shapes and gives more attention to strong facial features.

  • Mid-Fade Crew Cut

Not the low fade nor high fade type of person? Mid Fade Crew Cut is just right for you! Just a balance of youth and boldness. The fade starts mid-length which shows just enough of your facial features but also gives a youthful statement.

3. Messy Crew Cut

The most low-mainteanance above all of the Crew Cut and men in the UK choose this over others simply because of its simplicity. The messy hairstyle is so easy to achieve and with just a crew cut at the top and a taper fade on the side then boom, you just got yourself a messy crew cut. This by far is the easiest hairstyle to pull off and maintain amongst all crew cuts.

4. Side Swept Crew Cut

The most recent addition to the list of best haircuts for men in 2023. Popular in men for its versatility, modern-looking, and very classy. A unique combination of short hair on the sides and back and longer at the top. Perfect option for men with a diamond face as the mid-level fades help emphasize a more rounded look.

Crew Cut is basically the most trendy and best choice for men in 2023 but if you still have doubts on which Crew Cut best suits you, ask your barber. They can suggest the perfect haircut for you based on your hair type, face shape, and whatnot.

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