Latest hair trends for men in the UK 2023

Latest hair trends for men in the UK 2023

Hair trends for men are always changing and evolving and when it comes to looks and style English men will never get left out.

For 2023, there are a few hot trends for hair men in the UK. Here are a few to keep an eye out for:

1. The Short Mohawk

Dated back to the past 2000 years, to being an iconic punk style look, the Mohawk is making a comeback as a popular hairstyle for men. This style can be achieved by cutting hair on the sides of the head short and stripped to the center. And to modernise today's mohawk, we're trimming the long spikes shorter giving the look a whole new approach.

2. The Curly Quiff

The quiff is another popular hairstyle for men in 2023. This style is achieved by cutting hair on the top of the head short and styled in a quiff-like style. Only this time, we give it some more flowy character with some waves and curls.

3. The High Top Fade

The fade has always been a popular hairstyle for men, and it's not backing down in 2023. This style is achieved by gradually reducing the hair on the head over a period of time. Although this has been going around for the past years there are certainly different styles you can sport with it, and now we're going higher with the high top fade. Who knew this style can get edgier than it already was?

4. The Bald Cool Kinder

Talking about getting bold and all out, the bald cool kinder is another new trend for men in 2023. This style is achieved by completely shaving the head bald, and is perfect for highlighting your facial features. Also, this could be the next cool thing to follow if you're trying to hide that thinning hair or you're still into looking tough and cool but just tired of the day-to-day hair fix.

5. Undercut with Sideburns

Another popular trend for men is the undercut with a beard and sideburns. This creates a great contrast style. It's cool and can be styled in a variety of ways. You can wear your undercut with a beard and sideburns. This combined style will help frame your face and elevate your whole look. Remember whatever hairstyle you choose, make sure to take the time to get it perfect for your unique features and face shape.

With the help of a good barber, you can create a look that will stand out and be stylish. There's no need to travel and wait in long queues, we at Get Groomed are here to give you a hand getting the perfect style for you, at your own place and own time. We'll connect you to our expert barbers in London, Manchester, Kent, Guildford, and West Midlands.

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